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How To Shop for a Bra:
For Sissies and Crossdressers

Mistress Delia’s Tips on How to Shop For a Bra


Sissy Bra Shopping Tips from the Sissy Mistresses of Sissy SchoolBuying your first crossdresser or sissy bra can be a bit confusing. There are so many styles and materials to choose from that it can be a daunting task! Measuring takes on a whole new meaning! How can you possibly get a sales clerk to help you?

And especially, how do you figure it all out so that it makes sense and works with what your fantasies are? My goal is to supply you with some helpful information to make buying your first bra, and every bra thereafter, an enjoyable experience that you look forward to.


Measuring for a Sissy Bra


Let’s start with measuring. The only things that are true about every bra is that they all have some type of band and cups. Bands are always even sizes. This is important to know for measuring! Now, in general, a real woman would put on a bra, measure around the bra, and add 2 inches for and even size and 3 inches for an odd size. For example if her measurement came out to be 34”, she would add 2” and would know her band size to be 36”. If she measures out at 35”, she would add 3” and feel comfortable that her band was 38 inches.

How to Measure for a Bra Sissy School Sissy Training (800) 601-6975Now, for a man, whether a sissy or not, there is a different technique I like to use, because you may not have breasts. I like to have a male measure under his arms, around the back and across the chest. This way is easier too as it gives a truer band measurement. You would only need to add one inch if your measurement was odd, say 39 inches.

You’d add an inch and get a 40 inch band size. Measuring cup size is a whole different set of math and measurement! After getting your band size, you would measure the fullest part of your bust. You take that measurement and subtract the band size from it. So, let’s say you had the 40 inch band, and your cup measurement was 41 inches. That would be a difference of one inch, and would put you in an A cup. You would then have your first idea of what to look for, a 40A bra size.


Finding a Sissy Bra Store


There are stores and people who would cater to your needs. Sometimes a simple call to a store that caters to crossdressers would be all you need to get a sales person to fit you there.

But with the information just given, you can feel quite comfortable in knowing your band size, and can get ready to choose a bra.


Sissy Bra Styles


What is a Sissy? Sissy School Sissy Training (800) 601-6975There are so many different styles and functions bras have that picking one out can become much more complicated than just liking the fabric! So, let me give you some terms:

Sports Bra – This is what it states. This is a bra you would wear while exercising or going to the gym. They are generally sold in Small, medium, large, etc. so you would need to look on the tag to see what your band size converts to. Sports bras often have barbell ratings. The more barbells equals more support. If you have a small cup size like an AA – B, you likely can get away with a low barbell rating. It is fun to feel feminine at the gym or on a jog just by putting on a sports bra.

Minimizer – Busty women buy these to reduce the appearance of their breasts. The cops are generally wider, and not so shaped or pointed, and compress more than accentuate. For your purposes, I do not think you would be looking for a minimize.

Balcony – A Balcony Bra is a sexy bra that is designed to allow you to wear lower cut fashions and still wear a bra for support. This is a great option for a low cut black dress! Because of the design, the balcony bra will also push you up a bit!


To explore your own sissy bra shopping fantasies, or for more help shopping for a sissy bra, call Sissy School at 800-356-6169.




Ms Ivy’s Tips for Shopping for a Bra


Sissy School Feminization Training (800) 601-6075One would think that it is quite simple, shopping for a bra. You think its just as easy going into a store and picking out a bra and walking away. My dear sissies, nothing is every THAT simple.

Especially choosing a bra! Your bra is almost as important as a backbone, its your support for the whole day. So you walk into a lingerie store and your faced with all these options. What do you do?

Well think to yourself…what is your main purpose for the bra?

Is it for comfort?

Is it for pleasure?

Is it for support?

Label those in way of importance and you are almost ready for the selection process. The next step into selecting a bra, is the bra size. You girls should all know your bra sizes, but its quite common for a girl to have the wrong one (in fact 1 out of 4 women has the wrong size). So you need to get measure.

I would suggest finding someone to measure you so that the measurements are accurate. Use the measuring tape to measure just below your bust and around your back to figure your band size (the number before the letter).

And then use the measuring tape to measure around the fullest part of your bust, this will give you the cup size. The measurement of your bust and band size determine what cup you are. Lol this is why I suggest seeking out someone to help you with this.

How to Measure for a Bra Sissy School Sissy Training (800) 601-6975So you’ve been measured and know what you what your bra for. Now you can look around.

Support bras will almost always have the underwire, some have zippers and some are full.

Comfort bras tend to not have the underwire but still provide some support.

And pleasure bras can be a combination but are mainly to have you feeling and looking sexy.

Bra shopping is can be very difficult and I suggest you seek out someone to aid you in the process. This is just the tip of the iceberg with bras. We didn’t even begin to cover full body, a-line or any of the other areas, but this should give you a good head start in selecting your bra. Good Luck!


Call one of our Sissy School Mistresses to start your sissy bra shopping exploration, and to meet other sissies just like you!