Sissy School presents: Pass the Sissy!


You may have heard of our tease and denial game, Pass the Penis, but have you heard of the new game of Pass the Sissy?  It’s quite a fun game where you go from one Sissy School Mistress to another as each Mistress continues what the previous Mistress began.

This is quite a fun and adventurous game where you never know which Mistresses you will get or what they will have you do. Many sissies who have played the game have reported that they thoroughly enjoyed having their sissy self passed around from Mistress to Mistress, that it added a new element of fun and surprise to their sissy training journey.

The best part is that you can play pass the sissy any time and multiple times, for as long as you’d like and with as many Sissy School Mistresses as you like. Having said all that, you’re probably wondering just how to play this fun sissy passing game.

Here’s how to play:


Call into the Sissy School Mistress Line at 800-730-3507 and let the Dispatcher know you’d like to play Pass the Sissy. You may tell her a budget to stay within, or a length of time you’d like to play, and she will plan your pass the sissy itinerary accordingly.

The Dispatcher will give instructions to each of the Mistresses you show off for, but those instructions will be a secret to you! Each of the Mistresses you session with can give you a new assignment at the end of your pass the sissy phone sex session, or she might just send you back to the Dispatcher for more instructions.

So, for as long as you can take it, you’ll be passed around as a Mistress’s sissy plaything, being teased, tormented and directed to carry out our every Mistressy whim!


Call 800-730-3507 and play Pass the Sissy now!

Call our Sissy School Mistresses, today!