Sissy School Required Reading & Articles

Required Sissification & Sissy Training Reading


What is Sissification? What is a Sissy?
The Sissy School Mistresses each provide their own answers to the question, “What is a Sissy?”

Fetish Crossdressing vs. Lifestyle Cross Dressing
An article by Ms Ally, discussing the differences between those who crossdress for erotic pleasure, and those who crossdress to express their inner woman

The Difference Between Sissies and Crossdressers
Have you ever wondered about the difference between a Crossdresser and a Sissy?. In this essay, the similarities, differences and distinctions between sissies and crossdressers are examined

The Sissy Boy: Signs That You Just Might Be a Sissy
A list of signs that might be a hint that you are a SISSY BOY!

What is Coerced Sissy?
Do your sissy fantasies involve being coerced into sissification by a woman or Mistress?

Exploring Sissy Femininity
If it’s your fantasy to be the perfect sissy slut, then you need a Feminization Mistress…and you need to follow these 10 simple rules!

You Might Be An Anal Slut If…
A list of signs you’re probably an ANAL SLUT!

What is a Pantyhose Fetish? Do I Have One?

The Sissy Husband
Sissy Husbands And Crossdressing Partners: Ms Ally writes about sissification and crossdressing from the genetic female perspective, and discusses the concerns, pleasures and challenges of being in a romantic relationship where one partner enjoys crossdressing

Telling Your Wife That You Are a Cross Dresser

Sissy Cuckolds – What Are They? Are You a Sissy Cuckold?
Exploring the lifestyle of a sissy cuckold

Sissy Humiliation
Sissification activities often involve humiliation of the sissy

Sissy Panties: A Panty Guide for Sissies
A guide to the many different types of panties that sissies can enjoy

Sissy Makeup Tutorial – How to Have Dazzling, Sexy Eyes!

Become the Perfect 50’s Sissy Housewife

How to Become the Perfect Sissy Housewife

Are You A Frilly Sissy?

Crossdressers & Sissies: How To Shop for a Bra

For Sissies: How to Talk Like a Woman

A Sissy Maid Day

Going Out Dressed as a Sissy

More Feminine Sissy Hair

Lipstick Kisses- Feminization Fiction

Serving Waitress: A Sissification Story

The Taxi Ride

Punishing a Bad Sissy

How to Talk Like a Woman

Caught Crossdressing!: Intentionally or unintentionally, many crossdressers find themselves “caught in the act”

The Crossdressing Novice: Everything you need to know to get started on the road to gorgeous, sexy womanhood!

Guided Feminization: Between going it alone and coerced feminization lies an amazing world of Guided Feminization

Crossdressing Men: Exploring and exploding the boundaries of gender.