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Are You Ready for More Sissy Training?


Take your sissy training to the next level with one of our highly personalized sissy programs and training sessions, listed below. Feel free to reach out via our Live Help Desk or directly with the Mistress you’d like to work with. We’d love to get started creating a sissy training/feminization program to take you to the next level.


Sissy Circuit Training –  Advanced Sissy School Training – Feminization Training – Personalized Sissy Training

We are now offering ongoing training for those who wish to embark on an in-depth feminization journey! One session is hardly enough to feel more feminine. Therefore, if you are dedicated to becoming a proper sissy or yearn to be properly feminized, this advanced Sissy School training is for you!


Pass the Sissy – Call into the Sissy School Training Mistress Line at 800-730-3507 and let the Dispatcher know you’d like to play Pass the Sissy. You may tell her a budget to stay within or a length of time you’d like to play. She will plan your Pass the Sissy itinerary accordingly.

Finally, you will be passed from Sissy Mistress to Sissy Mistress and serve as her plaything. Furthermore, like all of our sissy programs, we can tweak each Pass the Sissy session to meet your unique needs.