How to Talk Like a Woman?

As a Mistress for, I get lots of requests of how a cross
dresser can talk more like a woman, or, how a sissy can be even more sissy
by talking like a woman. This can be challenging, especially if you have a
naturally gruff, manly voice – but with practice and voice lessons – you can
get as close, or maybe even passable to having a woman’s voice!

First of all, it’s best to practice and record yourself with recording
software, so you can monitor your progress – sending the voice clip to your
Mistress can help too so she can also monitor to see if you voice is
becoming “sissy” or feminine enough for her! Also, in addition to listening
to the nuances of your Mistress’ voice, be sure to listen to the voice of
your favorite actress, for example, or even a close female friend you
admire. Watching a movie or a show and really studying a woman’s
inflections, word choice and listening to the sound of her voice can help
you get closer to your female voice.

If you have habits like smoking, or even drinking alcohol, these can
affect your voice and how soft it is. Make sure to eat a healthy diet, and
keep your vocal chords healthy so that they can sound more feminine in the
long run! If you seek to become completely feminized, and are considering
sexual reassignment surgery, the best thing to do is to explore the right
doctor who can put you on female hormones – which will assist you in your
being able to talk like a woman. However, explore speaking like a woman, if
you can, without the assistance of female hormones. If you seek to become
more sissy in nature – practice, practice, practice your feminine voice!