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Sweet, ruffled panties over a rosy-red backside. The swish of organza and clicking of high heels on polished marble. These are a few of my favorite things -grins-

Are you ready for a little secret? I absolutely ADORE training and perfecting sissies like you! It just so happens, that I am looking for a few good girls for various tasks and positions at my school for girls, wouldn't you love to be one of them? I have need for a few loyal, detail oriented lovelies to serve as sissy maids. Full training is of course, provided. I have very high standards, and only those girls who are truly up to the task need apply. You must be prepared to serve with impeccable grace, and in whatever apparel I deem appropriate for the occasion. You don't need to be perfect, my pretty little maids but you'll need plenty of dedication and perseverance if you are to succeed in my training!

I am also seeking girlfriends for fun, totally girly activities that just scream for another girl to share them with. We will shop together, do makeovers, experiment with make up, and of course share all our secrets with each other! Get ready to gossip, and play fashion police with passers-by as we sip fruity drinks and giggle over the cute cabana boy! Spring break at Ms. Tori's School for Girls is always in season!

I am also looking for bad girls. You know the type, the slutty little hussies that can usually be found behind filthy adult bookstores and in the backseats of cars. Those wanton little tramps that can't seem to help themselves or keep from rummaging through my panty drawer and hamper. Especially the ones that secretly wish they were me! That's right, I know all about you already, and it's going to take more than some frilly, sappy little finishing school for girls, to correct your delinquencies! Consider yourself lucky that I trouble myself with such naughty, trashy, misfit girls as you, and report to Ms. Tori's Detention Hall, this instant!

Don't see yourself in any of the descriptions above? Don't fret your pretty little head, give me a call and let's find the perfect position for you in my school!

Please note: While I am exceptionally talented in many ways, psychic readings are not my strong suit. The more forthcoming and open you are with me about your interests and expectations, the more intense and fulfilling our sessions will be for both of us. I am a very good listener, and I am looking forward to getting to know more about you!