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It has always been my theory, that men are - and would be - much happier, when they embrace their feminine side.

Have you ever seen a man at his worst? I'm certain we all have, and you know the signs. Irritable and belligerent, consumed by his masculinity to the point where he is so uptight and hostile towards women, that you begin to wonder if he has ever in life experienced joy.

I do enjoy helping men like this; men who have skewed the balance of being overly manly, arrogant and chauvanistic, and assisting them in their transformation. Or as I like to call it: Emasculation alchemy. It is my sole purpose in life to help you find your inner sissy, the real you.

As a woman, I know that a lot of times the reason men try so hard to dominate women, and fail, is because they've deviated from their most visceral desire: to be a woman. They want to be us and it frustrates them so wholly and completely, that they lack the ability, or perhaps the proper internal guidance, to do so.

That's why I feel it is my responsibility - as a woman, to ensure that when you do a sissy training session with me, you get a fulfilling experience in your transition into womanhood. Because deep down in every man, there is a submissive, pliant little sissy, just waiting to be set free. I want to make sure that you have a full and satisfying sissy transformation, complete with daily affirmations, projects and homework assignments, to keep you on task.

So are you ready to embark on your sissy makeover, and accept your true nature?