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It is so much fun to spend time with you girls who love to dress up. Whether you consider yourself a sissy, a CD, a transwoman or any other designation, I enjoy the activities and discussions we can do together.

Some of you girls love to go on shopping trips and I insist on going with you! If this is your first time buying panties at a brick and mortar store, I am glad to coach you, practice the steps to take to pick them out and then, the really brave part, going to the cash register and paying for them. Whew! It seemed so daunting at first, but with a girlfriend, it isn't so bad after all.

What if you want to learn how to do make-up? Or improve the style of your hair? We can talk all about the different ways to work with foundation, blush and mascara, even talking about different colors and brands if you want to. Do you need to know where to buy hair? How to wear it so it looks natural? These are areas I am well-versed in and really enjoy teaching.

And those of you who are 40, 50, 60 or older and have never allowed these feelings to be shared with anyone else, you are special folks for me to work with. It can be terrifying to come out to someone, even a Mistress over the phone. You are safe with me; I promise. You can share the tenderest desires with me and I hold them close to my heart for you.

Do not be afraid, sweet women! Come talk to me. Let's develop a true girlfriend relationship.