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I know your secret...

... about the hidden slut, locked away deep inside you. *Giggles* Did you really think I didn't know? I see the way your eyes light up, and the way your breath quickens when you see my pretty panties and the sexy lacy little things I wear. It's so obvious that you wish you could wear them too! You want to slip into something silky and feel your sissy clitty get stiff and drool with excitement. You want to prance around and show off the sissy girl you truly are!

So here's the deal. I'll keep your dirty little secret and you'll do what I say and serve me in every way I can imagine. We're going to go shopping, get you fitted and dress you up! When you gaze upon yourself in the mirror again, you won't even recognize yourself.

I understand you may try to fight it at first, you'll try to hang onto the manhood you never truly had, but when you see my teasing smile and knowing eyes it will be your complete undoing. Trust me, it's better this way!

I'm going to feminize and transform you into my perfectly mannered little sissy pet. Do you feel it yet... your nipples puckering and your boy pussy clenching in anticipation? That's your body preparing herself for its mistress. Be ready to feel your body orgasm as a woman when you cream your panties for me. You will see how being a girl is so much more fun!