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Do you think that being a woman is easy? Think again. What women subject themselves to can be quite demanding, but these are tasks that you'll need to learn if you're going to be a sissy. NO shortcuts! I am a stickler for hard work and I refuse to produce mediocre girly-men that only show hints of what is required. That's right. For the deserving student worthy of my time and talent, I promise nothing but the best.

Where do we begin? Well, I would suggest training your voice to match mine, and preparing for the exterior changes. That part can be fun! But it's not all waxing and cosmetics. No, my pet. It is the inner metamorphosis that interests me most. Learning to be a sissy is very much about the softening of the self, and it is only when you have adopted the lessons I teach you will you truly feel a change.

I can be a harsh mistress, but also a loving one. Your obedience and eagerness to comply will make all the difference. I fully expect that your clit will harden during my instruction, and I will not be surprised if you develop a crush on your teacher. Leave your apples at home, and bring me your most submissive self. That's the only way to please me. Allow me to make you over, both body and mind. I can mold you, form you and extract every ounce of masculinity you've ever possessed. Don't be afraid. You'll be my special project.