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A popular costume seems to reappear every year at Halloween: Boys, dressing up as girls. Most of the time, it's a hack job--gigantic faux breasts meant to be a joke, smeared-on clown makeup with a five o'clock shadow showing through, cheap wigs, ill-fitting clothes, everything possible to underscore the fact that the wearer doesn't really mean it, not really. Underneath it all, he's a manly man, and don't you forget it.

But once in a while, I'll see a boy who's taken great pains with himself, whose breasts are shaped and sized proportionately for his frame and realistically for effect, who has shaved his face closely and tried hard to apply his makeup well (most of the time the effect is not nearly as successful as he appears to hope, but the effort is so endearing), who has clearly spent a pretty penny on a nice wig, and well- fitting clothes. Oh, he'll still laugh it off, pretending that his studied mimicry is for effect, to alarm and amuse. But I always thought to myself that such a boy might have a secret--that he waits with bated breath for Halloween to come, so that he can express in public something that none of his friends know is actually deeply fulfilling to him. Maybe deep inside, he wishes that someone, male or female, would tell him he looks pretty, and mean it sincerely.?Maybe he fantasizes that someone, probably a real man, might tell him he's fuck-able. And mean that, too.

Have you been that boy? Are you that boy now?

Never fear, sweet thing. Show me all your pretty, in what ever form it takes. If your frilly or sexy or slutty wardrobe is only in your mind, we can fantasize together.

Could it be that your asshole is really a pussy? When you put on lipstick, does your oral fixation kick in??You're my favorite kind of sissy pet. Whether you yearn for my strap on, or to have me teach you how to doll yourself up and please the stud cock of a real man, I feel sure you and I could be the best of friends.?Let's talk. Get to know each other. Have ourselves a slumber party where we maybe you won't get much sleep. I can't wait to meet you. If you need a push to make fantasy a reality, I will be your BFF, as long as you understand that I can be quite demanding when I acquire a project I like.