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Well hello there!

I'm Goddess Rachel, your Mean Girl BFF, and I can spot a sissy from a mile away!

What's a Mean Girl BFF? In this context, it's a real woman, with all the attributes you wish you had, or wish you were man enough to attract. She'll never let you forget that that's the case, but She'll still hang out with you, and encourage you to inhabit a social and sexual self in which you can actually flourish!

She'll cheer you with the constant reminder that just because you've failed as a male, it doesn't mean you can't be a complete success as a submissive, feminized dress up doll!

Or fuckdoll.

About that "spot[ting] a sissy from a mile away" part: sometimes I know a sissy gurl before s/he even knows he/rself! Even if s/he's in the throes of masculine delusion. Then I consider it My job, as the BFF s/he simply hasn't met yet, to bring he/r around to understanding he/r true nature, and developing the look and behavior to go with it!

How do I know?

Well, there are symptoms!

I can't remember what philosopher or self-help guru stated it, but have you ever heard the idea that whatever triggers you, controls you? That what bothers you about someone is actually shining a light on something in yourself you find troubling?

So for example, if a "man" goes about loudly braying about how women should stay in the kitchen, slaps waitresses on the hiney, laments the good ol' days when women knew their place, and complains about "feminists", well, that tends to be a case of "methinks the sissy doth protest too much".

That's a sissy that needs help and guidance to embrace what s/he's trying to avoid with he/r obnoxious misogyny.

With this variety, it can take some strong ropes, the assistance of a hearty friend or two, or a surprise stint in a chastity cage to gentle them down, but eventually they come to terms with the fact that their Goddess Rachel knows best.

Sometimes it's more subtle than that. Sometimes, I'll walk past a "man" on the street, and My spidey senses will tell Me, "I bet he's got panties on under those jeans, or wishes he did."

Others, I'll note a pair of long, lush eyelashes, a pair of plump lips just dying for lipstick, or a nice round bottom going to waste on a guy, and decide to make it My business to liberate him from the tragedy of wasted potential.

But I don't always need My spidey senses to key in from a distance on a man aching to be sissified. Sometimes the evidence is up close!

All "he" has to do is pull down "his" pants.

If I see anything smaller than 6" down there, I feel compelled start removing body hair, and coerce "him" into the smallest pink chastity cage I can find, as soon as possible. A BFF, even one you don't know is your BFF, sometimes has to save you from yourself and your delusions despite your surface objections. She has to save other beautiful women from disappointment, too.

But don't think My caustic friendship is only about bringing out the best in the reluctant or delusional. It's also about shepherding those who, but for the condemnation of society or their domestic or professional circumstances would dive headlong into their affinity for feminization and submission. I can be as understanding a confidant as I am a strict taskmaster. I can either be the one place you can acknowledge out loud the femme you long to be, without judgement, or encourage you to find ways to explore in the flesh without burning your life to the ground!

So, if you recognize yourself in any of the above, don't wait for Me to snatch you from the streets or the office or the bar. It's really better that way.

Just call and ask for your Mean Girl BFF, Goddess Rachel, and I'll take it from there!



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Here’s the breakdown:

One Mistress – $2.99 per minute

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Three Mistresses – $6.19 per minute

Four Mistresses – $7.79 per minute

Five Mistresses – $9.39 per minute


Why Sissy School’s Sissy Training Mistresses are the Best!


Welcome to Sissy School! You may be wondering whether or not the Sissy School Sissy Training Mistresses are the best sissy trainers out there, and the answer to that question is simply, yes.

Here at Sissy School, we have a wide variety of sissy training mistresses, each with their own domination style and sissy training style.


Do You Need a Strict Mistress, a Sensual Mistress or a Good Combination of the Two?


Do you learn and respond better to an authoritarian Mistress? One who won’t take any back talk and is firm in her expectations of you? Or do you do better with a sensual, encouraging Mistress?  Perhaps, you are like most sissies and need a little mix of both!

Whichever type of sissy training Mistress you need, Sissy School’s Sissy Training Mistresses have got you covered. We’ve got Mistresses who are purely sensual, Mistresses who are purely strict, and Mistresses who are a good mix of both!


Click on the Sissy Training Mistresses Pics to Learn More about Them


By clicking on the picture of each Sissy Training Mistress, you can read their sissy training bio and learn about their styles and expectations. From there, you’ll also find links to their blogs, voice samples, contact information for Skype and Twitter, and much more.

If you’ve read about many or all of the Sissy School Mistresses and are still unsure which one may be right for you, our Erotic Concierge can help narrow it down for you.  Just go to, answer a few questions, and submit the form.

Within 24 hours-oftentimes much quicker than that-our Erotic Concierge will get back to you with several Mistresses who may be a good match for you based on the answers to your questions.


Time to Take the Sissy Training Plunge!


You’ve known-or at least suspected-for a while now that you may be a sissy. Don’t you think it’s time to quit fighting it and embrace your inner sissy? Give one of our Sissy School Mistresses a call for sissy guidance, today!