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Hello, sissy. Are you flattered and happy to be called a sissy by me? You should be. I don't bestow on just anyone the girly girl title.?You look cute in your feminine clothes - a skirt, panties, a bra, a nice top, stockings and heels. And, of course some lipstick.

But no one is a sissy just to dress up all pretty. There's another reason, isn't there. Maybe even a few, all very naughty reasons that you keep secret from as many people as you can, tucked away with your pretty clothes way in the back of your closet, or in a storage bin in the trunk of your car. These "other" urges are the reasons you sometimes purge, trying to erase any trace of your girly self. You know when you try to be a man again.

Hah! Once a sissy, always a sissy, no matter what you do. From the first time you slide on those panties and prance around, that's it. Your manhood was gone, never to return. And late at night, just before you drift off to sleep, doesn't that knowledge make you smile. You are femme, and you are naughty, with urges and needs that go beyond shopping and perfume.

So what is it, sissy? What drives you to such extremes? Do you want to suck cock? Get fucked? Or maybe be the wife or girlfriend for once. Or maybe you want to be humiliated by those of us who know that you will never, ever be a true female, no matter how hard you try.

Come on sissy, I see through those walls. Call me, and let's bring out all your wild.