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Welcome girlie boi. I'm Mistress Cassandra, your Emasculatress, Humiliatress, and all around pussy whipping real Girl that will guide you through a world of sissy subservience.

I've been studying you for awhile sissy, and your girlie brain is a combination of feminine pink cloud dream dressing, and fetish inspired stroking......aren't you so pretty. Just look in the mirror. It's what you do best. Aren't you so hard and sexy under those pink nylon full cut panties. But you cannot play with that yet, not until I say. Not until I have made you over in MY charm school. You will play by MY rules if you want to be the ultimate panty waist. You are MY dolly to dress up, make up and play with, and your tongue had better be ready for sissy style servitude. If not, then it's tied up and spanked sissy time.

Let's start with the basics. Your body shaved with pink gel and pink razor, floral douche and of course a heavenly lavender bubble bath. As you're relaxing with your rose masque, I'll be busy burning all of your "man" clothes. After your bath I will inspect you thoroughly, and watch carefully as you apply your daily "Lady Cassandra's Magic Feminizing Cream" all over your smooth body ( concentrating on that sissy stick and those disappearing little marbles).

Then comes the wardrobe depending if I've decided you'll be a maid in crinoline, satin, lace, and fishnets, OR a slut in fuck me pumps , mini skirt, DD breast forms and a cocksucker "I'll make you money, Mistress" attitude. Maybe I'll decide on a teen sissy afternoon at the mall. I can't wait to hear the music of teen aged bitches pointing at you, giggling and saying..."Look at that sissy in pink carrying all of those packages for that girl!!!"

Maybe tinker bell likes being in a Girl and sissy only party because she's a submissive little lesbian. She likes being on the bottom as Mistress guides in the strap on and makes her moan like a little porn star. She may like sissy sex under the direction of Mistress.

Yes, I'll have a ball reinventing you, but one thing darling: you will never be as good or as beautiful as ME. I am a superior genetic Female and you are just a sissy. You will never be "man" enough to satisfy Me either, so get used to your place in My universe: on the floor, foot of the bed while Mistress entertains a "real" man.

Awwww don't cry little sissy. If you're good, you can have the cream pie. And make sure you are en femme when you call.

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