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Come in and have a seat! Your vanity awaits you.

It awaits for you to be awakened by your Head Mistress, Sophia. Before you sit, be sure to release yourself from all of your manly ways and garments.

I will guide you on your journey of discovery, your path toward girlie femininity and sissification. Your first session will be a complete makeover. If you do not already have a feminine name, I will select one for you.

The complete sissification process takes time and patience, darling. To become fully what you desire does take some effort as well, but in due time you will become a first rate Sissy School student. And under the guidance of Ms Sophia, I'm sure you will excel in your feminization studies.

Over time, I will transform you into a perfect little sissy, one who will worship all that I do, one that will worship womanhood and all women, and one that you will shower with adoration and obedience.

I am Empress Sophia, your feminization teacher and your sissification confidant. Come in and explore and discover your inner sissy.