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It is my core belief that Women are far superior to men, so I don't blame men who long to be women. I couldn't agree with them more- women really do have all of the fun! Especially when we are together, bonding over all of those wonderful rituals and rites of passage that unite us as women. You want to be a part of that, don't you? You want to feel sexy, soft, separate, special. You love the delicious feel of silky fabric beneath your clothes. You long to be bathed in sweet scents, and wrapped in feminine finery. I completely understand and celebrate your inner femininity. I have a particular fondness for men who want to become a woman and make love to a woman, as a woman. Between women, the caresses are gentler, the kisses are softer, the passion is richer and deeper. Let me take your little hand in mine and we will joyfully skip down the path toward your womanhood together.