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It is so wonderful being a woman! We wield all the power because of our pussies. We control men, guide them along because of their out-of-control cocks. And you, clearly, want to be a woman, too, you Sissy Boi. I am here to help you be the most amazing woman you can be. From helping you pick a name to walking confidently into a bar full of men, I will be with you every step of the way.

Oh, you want to be a girl? Dressed in frills and tap shoes? I am more than glad to play with you as my dress-up doll. I love shopping with you... either online, in catalogues or out in the mall... picking sweet dresses for my pretty dolly.

Do you have a little clittie that needs to be made fun of? One that tries to get you into trouble all the time? Let me have it under my spell, and I will have you feeling humiliated and like less of a man than you ever have before. I love teasing clitties and their owners. They are hilarious, after all!

So, you see, whatever your fantasy, I am here to fulfill it. Whether you merely want to talk on the phone about your thoughts, or really want to get out there dressed as a woman, I can be with you as you get your needs and desires met. I love women and would love to make you one right along with me.