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Sissification--The Next Step

Let's face it girl--you need help. No, I don't mean with your makeup or your outfit (although that COULD use with a little touch of bling) but with where to go next! I mean you've done the sissy maid thing and you've got a closet FULL of panties and dresses but sometimes, you need a girls help with what the next step is. And lucky for you, I'm JUST that girl!

Gypsy Girls

You probably don't know much about us, except for the occasional rumor or folk tale. Let me fill you in--We're a sissies wet dream. We love to dance, we love to get rowdy and if there's one thing we love above everything else--it's BLING! Rhinestones, gems & sparkles are all over our outfits--or at least what little bit of material we're calling an outfit today! Loud and proud, we're always grinding up against a hot guy to get him excited and I know that's JUST the kind of thing a sissy girl like you wants to know how to do!

The Sissy Enabler

You want to know how to pull off wearing cocksucker red lipstick with big gold hoops without looking cliche? You need a little push to find a reason to buy the stripper shoes you saw online? How about flirting--You good with knowing how to tease a guy so bad his balls are blue? These are things I was born knowing and I'm willing to share--for a price.

See, I have a fetish of my own. Once I get you all dolled up and take you out for the night--after the last champagne is drunk and the car's getting ready to leave for home--That guy you've been grinding up against all night is gonna want a little extra attention. And there's nothing I love more than watching a blinged out sissy turn into a prissy little cocksucker.