What is a Sissy Cuckold?


If you’re new to the world of sissies and cuckolds you may have heard the term sissy cuckold, but you’re not quite sure what that means. You may even think you want to BE a sissy cuckold, but first you need to understand exactly what that is.


Within the world of crossdressing sissies and cuckolds, there are those who identify themselves as “sissy cuckolds”. These are men (if you can use the word “men” to describe them, which some would argue you could not…) who have sacrificed most or all of their masculinity to their partners or wives, including their right to a standard heterosexual sex life. Most sissy cuckolds have not engaged in standard intercourse with their wives, or any other woman, for months, some not for years. Some sissy cuckolds are so dedicated to the lifestyle that they understand that they most likely will never again have “normal” sex with a woman.


But don’t shed a tear for these poor, sexless creatures. For they are not exactly sexless. Most sissy cuckolds are allowd to partcipate in their wife’s or partner’s sex lives to some degree. The only thing is, their wife or partner usually is getting sexual pleasure from another man. This is not as ghastly as it may at first sound! For most sissy cuckolds take great pleasure from watching their wife or partner receive great pleasure from another man. In fact, sissy cucks can be such complete sissy sluts about watching their partner with a real man!


This arrangement is very different from what most would consider “fair” or “normal” or “right”. But remember, when you are dealing with individual sexuality, the preferences of the couple come first, and should not be influenced by cultural expectations or judgments.


From Sissy Cuckold Fantasy to Reality


For it is quite often the sissy cuckold himself, who at the start of the relationship may have appeared to be a “real man”, who broaches the subject of entering into a lifestyle where his partner will not only be “allowed” but also “entitled” to receive pleasure from a real man. Typically, neither of the partners in such a relationship are dissatisfied with the arrangement. Typically, the sissy cuckold (secret as he may be at the start of the relationship) obtains great pleasure first from fantasies involving his wife or lover being satisfied by another man. Ideally for the sissy cuckold and his partner, this fantasy of cuckoldhood moves onto the realm of the real. When both partners agree that this lifestyle is ideal for them, sexual perfection is reached – for the couple.


Most often, the sissy cuckold will feel first and foremost that his wife or partner deserves “more”. Often, this “more” can revolve around the area of endowment. Most (but of course not all) sissy cuckolds are, or perceive themselves to be, inadequately endowed as far as the size of their penis is concerned. In fact, small penis humiliation and sissy cuckold fantasies are often intertwined. Most sissy cuckolds start out feeling that their penis is not large enough…or hard enough…or dependable enough to satisfy their partners. They start fantasizing about a “real man” to take care of their partner’s needs.


Cuckolds vs. Sissy Cuckolds


Within the category of “cuckolds” there are subsets and nuances. This article aims to examine the differences between standard “cuckolds” and sissy cuckolds. The primary element differentiating “sissy cuckolds” from the cuckold pack is the inclusion of feminization. Beyond emasculation, or the removal of typical masculine characteristics resulting in merely a eunich state, sissy cuckolds proceed into the realm of true feminization, willingly or by “force” or coersion from their partners (see forced feminization).


All cuckolds can be said to gain pleasure (even the pleasure of humiliation from their cuckold activities. All cuckolds have this in common: their wife or partner is seeking or receiving pleasure from sexual activities with another man.


Sissy cuckolds are the same, except most often, they are feminized.


There are thousands of resources for those who wish to explore their sissy cuckold side. The first step in exploring this lifestyle, of course, is to learn as much about it as possible, and then, if you have not yet done so, explain your fantasies and desires to your partner, and, with her consent, begin a mutual exploration into the life of sissy cuckolding.


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