What is a Sissy Bimbo?


One of my favorite pastimes as a feminization mistress is turning a man into a complete bimbo fuck slut. There is just something about seeing the breakdown and then the complete transformation. Bimbo training can be very intense, much more intense than regular sissy training, and can take quite some time.


Don’t get me wrong now, some were just born to be bimbo sluts and fall naturally into the role of sissy fuck toy. Others take more time and training.


Many men aren’t even brave enough to allow themselves to become a complete bimbo, but those who do choose that path and journey find that the sexual rewards they reap are many. If you are curious as to WHY I love a bimbo slut, well, there are several reasons why a bimbo is superior to your everyday sissy boy (or sissy girl.)


What Does A Bimbo Have That A Regular Sissy Lacks?


The Look


The first thing that anyone would notice about one of my bimbo sluts is exactly how sexy and slutty she looks. Every bimbo MUST have nice, full, voluptuous breasts, which are the first thing that will capture any man’s eye. Of course, every sissy bimbo will have the perfect face full of makeup to make her look like a total slut and long hair that flows and tantalizes men. She’ll also have a nice round ass and, of course, legs that have been perfectly sculpted from hours of walking in 6 inch pumps.

The Attitude


Bimbo training is sure to teach every bimbo sissy to act like the perfect dumb pleasure slut. A bimbo doesn’t want to make her own decisions, but instead is available for the pleasure of whoever desires her. She is giggly and upbeat. Sorority girls and cheerleaders make excellent bimbo examples! A bimbo is never seen without a smile on her perfectly painted lips, unless, of course, she is mid-wail while being pounded by a massive cock. Or if she has her mouth full, if you know what I mean.


The Burning Lust


Every bimbo is an eager, cock-hungry slut. Nymphomania is defined as excessive sexual desire in and behavior by a female, and all bimbos are true nymphomaniacs in every sense of the term. Bimbo training ensures that each slut is ready to please any man or woman who wants to use her. A bimbo is always thankful for being allowed to please others; she often will beg to be fucked so much that she ends up gagged and left like a common toy. Bimbos have abnormal sexual desires and are fueled by pure lust.


What Kinds Of Fun Can A Feminization Mistress Have With A Sissy Slut?


These are the three main things that separate a regular sissy from a sissy who has undergone a thorough bimbo training. I especially love watching bimbos turn into the perfect fuck sluts!


You may be wondering, how does a man ever let his Femdom Mistress turn him into a complete bimbo? It really isn’t that hard, though. I am a beautiful Goddess, and men fall all over themselves to serve and please me, regardless of the terms and conditions.


Bimbos can be particularly fun to use as entertainment for parties for the guests’ amusement as they do not think, but only operate at your every command. Owning bimbo sluts is much like owning your own personal party favor. A sissy bimbo would always be dressed to kill in a bubblegum pink latex dress that clings to every curve, matching 6 inch platform heels, and slutty makeup complete with bubblegum pink lipstick painted thickly on to plump cock sucking lips.


Wouldn’t you be a sight for sore eyes, on your knees in front of everyone with a little sign next to you that read, “Bimbo slut for public use and humiliation”?


I know you might feel a little degraded, but at the same time, you will feel an all-consuming arousal. For just a moment, you might even let your mind drift back to times before you so easily let yourself to be lured into these coerced bi scenarios. You had never before imagined that you could be so cock-hungry that it’s the only thing that you think about anymore.


A good strict Mistress will know all of the proper methods of turning a sissy boy into a complete bimbo slut. Bimbo training can come in one of two forms–a strict, demeaning transformation guided by a strict Femdom or a sensual, slow transformation by a sensual Mistress.


Bimbo training is, simply put, a very, very extreme version of feminization.


If you have become bored with the normal sissification routine and crave to be turned into the cock-starved slut that you have never admitted to being, then it is time for you to undergo a thorough bimbo training program. You will become so consumed with your training that there will no longer be any struggle against being feminized. Instead, you will spend your days primping and getting ready for that perfect cock.


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