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Urge To Purge Two Effective Ways You Can Avoid It


The dreaded urge to purge …if  you are into feminization or sissification on any level, we know you’ve most likely purged your pretty, frilly things at least once.

What is purging, what causes that urge to purge, and most importantly how can you effectively process those overwhelming urge to purge.


What Is The Sissy Purge


Many sissies reach beyond fantasy and explore what they might look like and behave as if they were a girl; learning how to apply to makeup, picking out a signature scent, learning how to walk in heels, and sit and move femininely.

Moving beyond the fantasy realm there is almost always feminine clothing as well. From panties and bras to entire wardrobes. Purging is ridding yourself of it all, in one fell swoop.


Sissy Purge Precursor


For those who are new to feminization, let’s talk about the build-up to the sissy urge to purge.  When arousal is high and you are in full sissy form, all is right with the world. While shopping, dressing, and playing sissy, life is the best! However, there is a dark side to that high energy and high arousal, and that’s the guilt and shame many feel after engaging in their preferred kinky games.

Typically when that sissy shame boils over, that’s when the urge to purge happens. Often shortly after your last sissy orgasm, your head clears and the shame returns.  You have spent hours upon hours, shopping for panties, bras, and lingerie and perhaps even have an entire wardrobe of clothes, accessories, and lots of naughty sissy toys.


Sissy Urge To Purge


Then, within a few minutes (or longer) of overwhelming shame, you decide you are done with being a sissy, and that you can no longer endure the existence of your girlie self.  You are determined-by sheer willpower alone-you will defeat that feminine foe this time!

All that time, all that money you spent, you toss in the dumpster along with all your girlie items. Imagine, your favorite panties or satin blouse being tossed aside along with your girlie self.

As you move forward, vowing never to imbibe in your sissy self ever again, the realization of how much waste you caused sinks in. You add up the money, and time you spent pursuing your fem pursuits and then feel guilty over that aspect of your sissy existence. You already felt guilt and shame over your activities and then added to the mix the time and money you spent on your sissy self. It is a double-edged sword, indeed. So, what is a sissy to do?


One Way To Process That Urge To Purge


Understand these feelings you have are perfectly normal. Like many high emotions, this too will calm down. During your sissy training, your Mistress might have you repeat affirmations to help you be and feel more sissy. Affirmations can help when you are feeling distressed over your sissy dreams, as well. 

Discuss with your Mistress what some affirmations might be when you feel that familiar itch of guilt and shame creeping back in. You’ll find that affirmations along with other calming techniques, are invaluable to help quell that sissy urge to purge the brewing storm.

Know you are not alone; most sissies struggle with purging. Please bear in mind that the sissy roller coaster will ascend from the depths and rise again and again without end. Having sissy desires is not something one can easily put behind them; impossible some might say. One simply cannot put those desires to rest for long because they will return again and again-usually even stronger than they were previously.


Second Way To Process That Urge


Keeping in mind all of the above,  when you really accept that your sissy nature will never evaporate, your only choice is to manage those desires and create a pause for your sissy self. Acknowledge you are on a low point-part of the ebb to the flow of life-and it’s okay to take a breath and step back for a while. 

Once you accept the fact that your sissy nature will always exist and that you cannot wish it away, you are ready to practice the skill of putting your things away, instead of purging them. Perhaps, a storage tote or two, high in the rafters of the home or a  nearby storage facility might be a good place. This way, when those sissy feelings bubble up again-and they will-you have some of your favorite things to welcome you back.


Bonus Material Sissy Purge


When that urge to purge subsides and you are ready to get back to being a sissy slut, sissy maid, sissy bimbo, or whatever style of sissy you enjoy being, seek to grow your celebration circle to help those urges lessen over time.

Reach out to trusted friends or reach out to one of our experienced Feminization Mistresses; they can help you with your sissy purging urge.

If you are curious about the kink of humiliation and purging, there are many who will humiliate you over your foolish behavior. Mistress would delight in showing you the folly of your actions. She will bring home, in the most delightfully emasculating way, that lesson your hard head needs to learn.

Perhaps you need to hear it a hundred and one times. So here it is:

Sissy is forever. It’s not a matter of “if you will have sissy dreams and desires;” it is only a matter of “how you are going to balance and process” your feminization desires.