The Making of a Sissy


It’s extremely rare that a man just wakes up one morning and decides that he should start dressing and acting like a sissy. Actually, it’s more than extremely rare. It just plain doesn’t happen! There is always some precipitating factor, something (or several somethings) that sparks his interest and slowly snowballs into a full-blown crossdressing fetish. There are a lot of things that go into making a sissy from what used to be a standard masculine male. 


On the other hand, not all men go so far down the rabbit hole that they become completely feminized. Some of them are happy just being panty boys or something of the sort. Here at Sissy School, we welcome all men who want to get in touch with their feminine side, regardless of where they sit on the feminization spectrum.


No matter your degree of feminization, we’re sure you can agree that there was at least one thing that triggered your initial interest in crossdressing. Men always remember their first experience with feminization.


How Does the Sissification Journey Begin?


Often, a Mistress can divine a good bit of information about your particular sissy fantasy just from hearing how you began your journey.


Perhaps you’ve always believed that panties and lingerie were incredibly sexy, and you loved how they felt when you touched them, so silky and soft and smooth. You may have thought that if they looked and felt so good on a woman, it might be the same if you were to put them on. You probably pushed the thought to the back of your mind, not wanting to appear “gay” or like a freak. But one day, that curiosity of yours got the best of you. You snuck into your girlfriend’s lingerie drawer and rifled around in there until you found the perfect pair of panties. What were they? Innocent little white cotton briefs, a naughty black satin and lacy thong, or something in between?


How did your first attempt at being a sissy boy make you feel? Did you feel a little humiliation mixed in with your arousal? Or was there just a deep feeling of satisfaction because you’d finally found what you’d been looking for?


After that first experience, it was all downhill from there, wasn’t it? You may have been excited to pursue your new feminization fantasy further, or you may have resisted it for as long as you could…but you always came back to it. You may have just become a panty boy who liked to put on a pair of pretty undies and jerk off. Or did it go deeper than that?


It Often Starts with Panties…


Sometimes, men do stop at the panty boy stage, but it’s more common for them to progress at least a little farther in their sissification. It starts with panties, then moves on to bras or stockings and garter belts or other kinds of lingerie. It’s around this time in the transition that a man begins to seek out the perfect phone sex Mistress to help him in with his transformation.


And that’s what brings you here today, isn’t it?


You need a sissy phone sex Mistress who will help you with every aspect of your trip into feminization. That’s exactly what we’re offering you here at Sissy School. You’ll be able to find Mistresses who will help you choose more sexy clothes to wear, Mistresses who will teach you the proper ways to do your hair and makeup in order to look more feminine, and Mistresses who will train you in the fine art of taking their strap-on cock or even in coerced cocksucking.


Your Guide Down the Path to Full Blown Sissyhood


The path of sissification and feminization is a tempting one. The idea seduces you with its eroticism and makes you long to be turned into a thing of feminine perfection. Whether you just want to admire yourself in front of a mirror all dressed up with your cock tucked between your legs so that it’s almost like it isn’t even there or if you secretly wish you could somehow manage to go out in public and pass as a woman, you will find exactly what you need for your sissy training right here. We’re a repository of knowledge about all the things that pertain to sissies like you.


Are you ready to begin your journey? We want you to think long and hard about what you need, then give us a call and let us know. If you’re ashamed of the man you see when you look in the mirror, rest assured that that’s about to change drastically. Your masculine form will be replaced with a beautiful, feminine one, and you will be able to find a peace of mind you’ve never known up until this point in your life.


Won’t you come down the rabbit hole with us, sweet slutty sissy girl?


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