Sissy Slave Discusses Serving Strict Mistress


I suppose I should tell you just a bit about me. I’m a fairly simple country lad, at least to the “vanilla” world. I’m a Sergeant in my platoon in the military, and I am an outstanding citizen. I come from a long line of independently wealthy family members, so I didn’t join the military because I was poor, but just to prove to everyone what a man I was. I enjoy working on trucks, football and hunting. By definition, I am the spitting image of what the All-American man should be. At least on the outside. On the inside, I’m a sissy slave.


I would have never seen myself as a panty slut or a sissy. The first time I put on panties was a moment I will never forget. They were white silk panties, kind of granny panties style, but sexy with lace. What really made these panties really sexy was a hole placed in the butt of them, with matching ruffles around it; it was, oddly enough, the size of my butt plug and the strap on that belonged to my strict Mistress. I felt like a complete bitch when I put them on the first time for my strict feminization mistress. These feelings only grew as I got fake breasts for my new bra, and stockings with a garter belt, all matching. I felt completely like a woman before I ever felt that strap on thrust into my exposed ass.


I personally have been under a couple of different strict Femdoms, so I have had several different experiences and reactions.


My Time As A 24/7 Sissy Slave


My most prominent memory is my time as a 24/7 “sub.” It was the most emotional and demanding of experiences. During this period, I was used as a sissy, slave, and fuck toy and was shared with many friends that also delighted in her pleasures. I woke up either strapped to a table, or in a locked cage every day, no exception. From there, I was either fed in my cage in bowls or released from my table to cook my strict Mistress breakfast. I was then allowed to shower while she watched to ensure I wasn’t pleasuring myself, an experience that was in and of itself humiliating and demeaning.


But who am I kidding? I loved the erotic humiliation AND the time spent in captivity hell.

Immediately following my shower, I went through an hour-long process of putting on makeup, then putting on my French maid’s outfit with a wig and high heels before I began my day cleaning the house, preparing meals, and caring for the two dogs. I was constantly looking over my shoulder in fear of a punishment for substandard work; her methods of punishment and seduction had trained me well. Once all of my chores were done and the day was winding down, I was allowed to “prepare” myself for her for the night. Getting prepared for my strap on mistress included reapplying my perfume and cleaning myself up to look as if I hadn’t lifted a single finger all day.


Serving Mistress At Night Meant Being Her Strap On Slave


Once done, I would go to my Mistress’s room, lift my skirt, and bend over for the painful yet extreme turn on I was about to receive. This was the one time of day I felt like my strict Mistress wanted and cared for me; her 8-inch strap on began to feel like a reward as time passed and it stopped hurting and being uncomfortable. I started to beg for my Mistress’s strap on just to feel her affection, and often begged for CBT punishment just to feel her touch.


My particular strict Mistress was also very popular in the BDSM community and often had parties with close friends. Before these encounters, she would spend hours preparing me in various outfits: waitress, cheerleader, naughty co-ed, or just slutty dresses. I would greet her friends at the door, serve them drinks all night, and perform one-on-one pleasure for each of them. At the end of the night, I would be tied to my table and have a train of women fuck my ass with their strap on cocks.

My coerced bi Mistress would even bring over some of her other boyfriends that she often would cuckold me with and allow them to have their ways with me while I was dressed in these slutty outfits that she had procured for me. I couldn’t believe how simply putting on these outfits would completely transform me into a coerced cock sucking slut. I did these things because this is when my strict Mistress was proud of me. This is how I earned the affection of a sensual, yet wickedly strict Mistress.


If these were the ways to earn the affection of my strict Mistress, then I would be more than happy to make this my lot in life–a cock sucking sissy slut and occasional CBT whore. This is why I would forever serve and obey my strict Mistress.


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