Sissy School Training is in Session


Each and every sissy needs sissy school training. That is a fact and not something we are going to argue. I know how you sissies like to have opinions about this, but no matter how good a sissy you are, you are not a real live woman and you need a Mistress to guide you in all the ways of being a true female. You are all very lucky to have a place here where you can come to Sissy School. Training is of the utmost importance when you want to be able to spend more than a few hours on a weekend as the true sissy and you do want to spend more than a few hours in your cute outfits… Don’t you?


See, that was one of your first test questions and you had no problem answering! You know that no matter how much you like to think you know all about being a woman, no sissy will ever be able to make it, not really, without the help of someone who is a real woman. And there aren’t women available all over the place to help, which I’m sure you already know. That’s why you should be honored to get to start your sissy school training here with a real Mistress.


Beginning Your Sissy Training


It doesn’t matter if you are a brand-new practicing sissy or one who has been prancing around for years, you still need to get yourself ready for the beginning of your sissy school training. Being trained by a Mistress is nothing like trying things out on your own. When you do things alone, you get them wrong, so we like to start at the very beginning with picking out the best colors for you. It’s important if you want to be a passable sissy or at least one that can either get a woman interested or a man, depending on which way you like to go – lesbian or straight. *giggle* So, if you are wearing bright red lipstick and have never tested your skin tone to see if that should be a red with orange undertones or a red with blue undertones then you know you need a Mistress to help you! Our sissy school training will teach you all kinds of fun information.


Each Mistress is a little bit different in her approach to sissy school training. Some are very intent on making sure you know the current popular brand names and who is always in style. Others are happy to guide you in learning make up application or possibly a great way to decide if you should wear black or brown eyeliner – tip, it has nothing to do with your skin tone. Some of our brilliant and sexy Mistresses who help with your sissy school training will show you how to learn to walk in even the highest pair of heels without clomping around like a clumsy man! This takes lots of practice and commitment on your part, but after all, if you are being guided by a Mistress you should be eager to practice and get her input at every stage of your development.


Sexy Parts of Sissy School Training


Our sissy school training isn’t all about looking like a great female – or at least as feminine as you possibly can. Oh no, we also guide you in the sexy naughty parts of being a woman, from teasing to follow through. We teach you to flirt and how to know just when a man is interested. We can even help you learn how to show him you are interested without being obvious. Some sissies think if you just walk up and offer a blow job and the man agrees then you did it right. But that’s not true at all. How many women do you know, not counting those who walk the streets, who just walk up to men in bars sober and offer to suck their cock? I bet the answer is zero. And if it’s not, you are hanging out with the wrong women. We all know something you may not yet, though you should. All men will say yes to a random blow job at one time or another. It feels good. They love it and if you are willing, they will agree, but it doesn’t mean anything.


Your sissy school training with teach you to flirt and wiggle, to wink and suck properly on a straw in a manner that gets many men excited. This works even if you consider yourself a lesbian sissy and want to flirt with women and we all know they are much harder to pick up! So, get your sissy self together and choose a Mistress teacher for your sissy school training.


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