What is Sissification? What is a Sissy?


What is a Sissy? Sissy School Sissy Training (800) 601-6975What is a sissification? That is a complex question! Sissies are such interesting and diverse creatures, it’s hard to offer just one definition that would cover them all.

So, the Mistresses of Sissy School have decided to each offer their own definition, based on their own experiences with sissies:

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What is sissification? By Ms Scarlet, 800-356-6169: A sissy is someone who steps outside the box and learns to find pleasure in the gentle world of femininization.

Call it an escape, a fetish or a fantasy; it relaxes and fulfills a need in you like nothing else can. Why shouldn’t a man experience the finer things in life like pampering and feeling soft fabrics touching his skin? It is a wonderful feeling to feel the soft and submissive side of being a woman and feeling the underlying power that goes with it.

A sissy is someone who knows when it’s time to shed the uniform he wears every day and the attitude he is expected to keep up with and take time for a little vacation in something frilly and just get away; mind, spirit and body. A sissy is a free thinker and a free spirit and it doesn’t get any better than that!

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What is a Sissy? Sissy School Sissy Training (800) 601-6975What is a Sissy? – by Ms Lilith: 800-356-6169 – Sissification at Sissy School

Well, it is not only a question of “What”…but also one of “How?” How do you define yourself as a sissy? For each sissy, there is a very distinct and unique quality of expression.

Is it in the way you feel like a frilly sissy when you dress in that silky soft clothing? Is it the feeling of freedom you experience when you slip out of your ‘masculine’ physique and into your more comfortable gorgeous and satiny soft feminine persona?

I think that the proof is not only in the panties ..but also in the Feeling that you get when you are at your beautiful best …the rush, the arousal , the “high” that encompasses your soul.

From the simple act of dressing en femme, to the ultimate sense of feeling more in touch with your inner Woman …it is surpassed by None. And you know what? You wear it well, quite proudly..and you are Beautiful!

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What is a Sissy? By Ms. Dallas: 888-232-1467 

A sissy is a man or boy who does not feel at home with his masculinity. Inside, he feels more like a female than a male. He loves beautiful feminine clothing, makeup, hairstyles and “girl talk.” He would rather spend the afternoon in the kitchen with the women, fixing food, than in the den with the guys watching sports.

Because sissies feel so different inside, they sometimes have difficulty making friends with people in the “real world” and tend to look toward other sissies for friendship. They spend a lot of time on line looking for friends and others so they don’t feel like there’s something wrong with them.

Sissies are warm, needy, funny, bitchy, opinionated and, in general, just like anyone else. They just like to get rid of that male drab and step out in their girlie best to have some real fun.

Goddess Dallas

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What is a sissy according to the thoughts of former Mistress Sarah: – 800-356-6169

A sissy is a man who enjoys cross dressing in many forms. All sissies tend to be submissive. Their surrender and adoration of women is truly a unique quality I do not see in most men. A sissy can appreciate the beauty of a woman by having an alternative lifestyle that is a lot more normal than society accepts. All sissies desire to become more feminine.

They are softer, vulnerable, and sometimes experience a euphoric feeling from the layers of feminine clothes they wear down to the female persona taking them over on the inside. Sissies come in many varieties and should not be stereotyped. Most of all, a sissy can be  a friend, or even a lover.

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What is a Sissy? by Ms. Tia – 800-356-6169: Ms. Tia is Available for Sissification Phone Sessions

A sissy is a man or boy who wishes to be a girl. To be feminine in every sense of the word. Some are purely crossdressers and not interested in bi-sexual fantasies involving other men or forced cocksucking. These types just want to feel closer to a woman by wearing her clothing, her panties, maybe wearing her stockings. Most consider themselves a lesbian of sorts, wanting to experience a sexual fantasy with a woman while dressed as a woman.

Some sissies, on the other hand, dream of completely becoming a girl. They want to experience everything involved with being a woman from the way they dress to the makeup to even the most intimate things like douching or wearing tampons. Furthermore, these sissies want a mistress to instruct them on the most secret rituals of being a woman. Most often this is the sissy who desires to learn the art of pleasing a “real” man in every way.

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What is a Sissy by Ms. Cassandra of Sissy School Sissy Training

What is a Sissy? Sissy School Sissy Training (800) 601-6975A “sissy” is a submissive fetishist, and the individuality and diversity of each sissy is astounding. From slut, baby, priss, bimbo, teen, lesbian, bi, straight, and all possible combinations therein, they have one thing in common. That is varying degrees of submission to dominant Women (or a Woman should they be owned and collared), and often a Master.

Sissies are all about extremes, detail, and fantasy. Most are very successful and powerful in every day life and often need to escape male constraints. Many are in traditional family roles and seek to fulfill the girlie dream that they are inclined to. They are female psyche in male bondage.

Sissies are very emotionally complex misunderstood fetishists. This is where We come in. A sissy Mistress is a mentor, confidante, sister, humiliator, disciplinarian, training our sweet sissies on a secret feminine path that only we share (unless of course the little priss is into public outings).

A sissy well guided is a stunning, strutting , self assured little peacock, and by far the most enjoyable of submissives.

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What is a Sissy? by Ms. Cecilia: 888-737-8345

A sissy can be a broad definition depending on who you ask. In a broad spectrum, there are sissies who want to live the lifestyle of being girlie everyday, or some who indulge themselves in the occasional fantasy of being a girl. Some are so devoted to the lifestyle, that they become transgender or want to take hormones to completely change their physical appearance.

I think that sissies love women so much, that they want to BE a woman and seek out the guidance, advice or the forced instructions of a woman to make them what they aspire to be: a woman! Whether that be a slutty woman, a woman in a ball gown, in a wedding dress, or in lingerie – it all depends on the sissy! Whether they want ‘girl talk’ or a strict dominant woman to tell them how to dress, what to say, and how to worship them – it all varies in the sissy world. It’s important to also address that some sissies are into men, and some aren’t – either way, they love everything that is feminine! – Mistress Cecilia

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What is a Sissy? Sissy School Sissy Made Training (800) 601-6975What is a Sissy? – by former Mistress Kate of Sissy School – 800-356-6169

There are as many different sissies as there are stars in the sky. I feel the one true quality I find in each one is their quest to be who they really are. They are the butterflies of human kind.

I love watching a sissy evolve into the woman she is. It is always there….just waiting for someone like me to step her out of that cocoon and dust off her wings.Some are submissive, some are Sassy.Some are over the top, some are classy. I have never met or talked to one that didn’t bring a smile to my face. If I had one wish it would be that this world would be a place that everyone could be there self and would be excepted for who they are not weather or not they liked to wear lace.

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What is a Sissy? – by Headmistress Ally, of sissyschool.com

What is a Sissy? Sissy School Sissy Training (800) 601-6975The easiest definition of a “sissy” is, a submissive man who enjoys dressing in women’s clothing. Some sissies like the “girlie” look, with frilly sissy dresses, ribbons and knee socks. There are some men who consider themselves sissies prefer a more daring “sissy slut” look. Usually, the distinguishing characteristic between sissies and crossdressers is the submissive nature of the sissy. Sissies often seek the guidance and training of a Sissy Mistress.

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What is a Sissy? By Ms. Amber of Sissy School

A sissy is a man who feels the need to pretend to be “a real man” usually in public. They deny their feelings to the real world and feel ashamed or embarrassed about the need or want of dressing as a woman. That being said, most look for someone to dominate them or coerce them to dress how they secretly long to dress. Whether it be the sissy slut who obeys the dominant or the type to just love sharing all of her frills they are all the same at the core. They want to share in their feminization experience.

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