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Types Of Sissy Weddings


There are many types of sissy weddings probably as many types as there are sissies. Like any wedding, it’s as unique and lovely as the bride. But why would a sissy want to plan a wedding?

We will take a look at the reasons a sissy wants a wedding, but also peruse what your sissy wedding might look like. From traditional sissy weddings to fun and sexy, let’s take a look.


Sissy Wedding Dreams


I think we can agree, dreaming of and creating the perfect wedding is a traditional female experience.  This celebration also signifies a right of passage.  Our human existence is often marked by various “rights of passage”, where the participant engages in ritual or ceremony signifying to their community their passage from one group to another.  Graduation from college, retirement, and oh so many other rights of passage mark a person’s movement within society from group to group.

So it is only natural for a sissy to want to experience a woman’s right of passage through the marriage ceremony, moving from single to married life.

Sometimes a sissy getting married can be something the Mistress-wife desires.  This can further demonstrate the power exchange in the relationship.


Sissy Wedding Planning


Just like traditional weddings, there are casual weddings, formal weddings, theme weddings, and more!  But the most important thing about a sissy wedding is that the type of wedding is predicated on the mindset and type of sissy. Of course, you would agree the wedding should be a reflection of the bride: her tastes and her desires of how she wants to mark this very auspicious event in her life.

However, depending on the relationship sometimes a submissive sissy acquiesces to her soon-to-be husband or wife’s desires. Typically when the soon-to-be spouse requires the wedding the reason is two-fold.  The wedding is not only a union of the two but demonstrates the power dynamic of the new coupling.

Therefore the soon-to-be spouse calls all the shots, from the color theme of the wedding, the venue, and even how to ceremony is structured. Sissy then is tasked to arrange for the desires of their soon-to-be spouse and happily does so. This is often the case with sissy bimbo sluts, often they don’t have the intellectual acumen to make such heady decisions.


Types Of Sissy Weddings


With all of this said, let’s look at some popular sissy wedding types. Do you see your sissy dream wedding listed? Perhaps your dream wedding is a touch of all or some of these types of sissy weddings. 

It doesn’t matter if others squint their eyes, or curl their lip in confusion or revulsion! This is your day sissy, and your special day is a reflection of you. Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars and reveal your unique and special tastes, your wedding should be a reflection of your sissy style.


Traditional Blushing Bride


Choosing elegant and classic details. From the wedding color palate to selecting the venue which is typically held in a grand setting.  Classically inspired flower arrangements including the white gown, with lots of tulle, lace, pearls, or even crystal adorned gowns.

This sissy wedding exemplifies grace and culture and ensures the bride the experience she’s always dreamed of.


Casual Sissy Wedding


Casual sissy weddings focus less on pomp and circumstance than a traditional wedding,  but have a big “Connection of Spirit Elements”. Casual sissy weddings are usually a more intimate affair. For some sissy gurls, the grandeur of a traditional wedding doesn’t fit their sissy style, so a lower-key, more intimate experience is in order.

The casual wedding can run the gamut from the couple and close friends to taking a trip to the courthouse, to an intimate sissy cocktail party after. Beach weddings, themed weddings like Halloween, or spring boarding off of your favorite video game or movie for your theme inspiration can be considered casual weddings.


Garden Sissy Nuptials


Some might consider a garden wedding a casual wedding, and it can be; however, you can argue: what could better illustrate grandeur, than the beauty of mother nature? A garden sissy wedding, although not in a traditional venue can have a very grand and elegant air. 

Consider botanical-inspired decorations, from garden bouquets, to natural arches, all accented with crystals for that extra glamour touch. See the runner down the aisle, fresh petals to guide you to your future.  Continue with luxury linens and soft and breezy bridesmaids’ dresses. Tie the elements throughout the schema, and include floral neckties for the groomsmen and/or groom.


BDSM Wedding


Moving from the mainstream expectations of what a  wedding looks like, and jumping into the kinky pool, we arrive at the BDSM wedding. The BDSM elements can be beautifully expressed in the ceremony itself, and incorporate nods to BDSM with your color palate, and decorations.

Some opt for a totally immersive experience, from decorations and cleverly using whips, floggers, and many other stimulating toys as decorations. Invitations inform the guests what the expected attire is.  BDSM elements are incorporated into your vows.  The addition of a collaring ceremony, where the Dominant collars their submissive sissy. Depending on the couple, there could also be a private, after the ceremony,  or a public one, locking their partner up in chastity signifying their connection and dominance over the other.




Moving along the lines of kinky weddings, a lingerie-themed sissy wedding is always a  hot option. Lingerie-themed weddings are popular with the sissy sluts.  Often sassy and bold, sissy slut loves her lingerie-themed wedding! Showing herself off, deciding on the naughty decorations and ceremony.  Guests are strongly encouraged to participate or wear high-end lounge wear. Lingerie sissy weddings can be anywhere from a frills and fun bride to a hot-as-fuck bimbo bride.

It would come as no surprise to anyone who loves sissy play, that there is a big possibility of naughty sissy activities at or just after the ceremony. Celebrating their open mind and high libido. Wouldn’t a parting blowjob from the sissy slut bride be the best party favor for some male guests? Sissy slut will be saving a few licks for the ladies as well. The sky is the kinky limit when sissy sluts and lingerie are at hand!


Sissy Wedding Dream Board


So sissy, what’s your dream wedding? It doesn’t matter if you have a partner now or not, you know your sissy wedding is inevitable so start dreaming today.

Our experienced and fun Sissy Mistresses can help you create your own sissy wedding dream board.