The Sissy Husband


Sissy Husband Crossdresser Husband Sissy School (800) 601-6975So, you’re a sissy husband, and you’re not sure how to tell your wife or girlfriend you are a secret sissy.

Or, perhaps, you’re a significant other who’s just found out that you are the proud owner of a sissy husband.

Communication is key. I know that’s very simplistic and doesn’t always work out as we’d hope in the real world. Sissy husbands and married crossdressers have faced divorce and shame as a result of this personal trait which they cannot change. They are a sissy, and always will be.


In Love with a Man Who Loves Crossdressing


If you’ve just come out of the sissy closet – or are considering doing so, and not quite sure how to do it, just remember to be as open and forthcoming as possible when discussing your sissy tendencies. Your significant other is likely to be shocked and confused.

Prepare a thorough answer and explanation for her, to the best of your ability to understand your own sissy husband tendencies. Gather some reading materials. Educate your partner about your sissification and the desire to be feminine and submissive.

Crossdressers and Sissy Husbands Afraid to Share with Spouses


The majority of married crossdressers and sissy husbands with whom I’ve had occasion to speak claim that their wives do not know about their crossdressing. They insist that they must keep it hidden. Sissy husbands go to great lengths to hide this most essential part of themselves. Some rent storage spaces, have hiding places in the basement or attic, or even separate apartments!

Of course, when the hiding becomes too stressful, the purging cycle begins. The sissy husband knows deep in her heart that she will buy those clothes, wigs, shoes and cosmetics again and again. Nevertheless, the stress of hiding often becomes too much. Those treasured girlie possessions must go. Needless to say, this can be expensive!

Confessing to your wife or girlfriend that you are a crossdressing sissy is never going to be simple. Some married crossdressers will never reach that point, and that is okay.

Living a life of secrecy and concealing your true self from those who love you is not easy. So, give some thought to sharing this essential part of yourself with your loved ones. In addition, take the responsibility of preparing educational materials. Be ready to share your own thoughts and feelings. You can help your significant other through your transition from secret sissy to public sissy husband.


Helping Significant Other to Understand Your Feminization Fetish


You can’t make your wife or girlfriend to accept your sissy tendencies. Her background, upbringing, and her own experiences will affect how open she is to the fact that you are her sissy husband. However, the more information you provide for her, and the more open you are during discussions of your sissy-ness, the more likely she will be to eventually come to accept, if not embrace, your femininity.

There are a few theories as to why women have such a difficult time accepting that their husband is a sissy. Some theorize that a woman’s fear of her own lesbian tendencies may make her turn away or refuse to accept her husband’s feminine side. Also, we’re all brought up with very strictly defined expectations of “proper” gender roles. The husband must act and dress a certain way, and the wife, another. When these roles are blurred or transposed, life can get confusing.

Even the most open minded of wives is going to have preconceptions of what defines “husband.”  For instance, sneaking into her panty drawer and trying on her “intimates” is not among the things a woman expects of a husband! However, this does not mean that she can’t come to accept that part of you – especially with your help in educating and enlightening her to the ways of sissy husbands.

At Sissy School we are not licensed therapists. We are not certified in any way to provide professional counseling on the subject of crossdressing and the personal issues involved. However, we have hundreds of hours of experience talking with sissies. We enjoy hearing their innermost thoughts and concerns. We also hope they can someday be able to share their sissy side with their significant other.



Advice on Being a Sissy Husband from a Feminization/Sissy Training Mistress


If you’d like to schedule a chat with us to discuss these things, we would be happy to hear from you. We would love to share what we have learned through our experiences as Sissy Mistresses. Please email for information on scheduling a phone chat.

Feel free to drop us an email if you just wish to share your thoughts or ask a few questions. I don’t have all the answers sought by sissy husbands and their loved ones, of course. I’d be happy to share what I do know. I have learned so much both in my personal life, and in my work at Sissy School. It has enlightened me to the joys and tribulations of sissy husbands. We’d love to have the opportunity to help you share in this wonderfully diverse world of sissy crossdressing that we know and love.

Be Well,
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