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The Sissy vs. the Crossdresser: What’s the Difference?


Have you ever wondered, what is the difference between a sissies and crossdressers? Do you just assume that they’re the same? Some people may think there is no difference between sissies and crossdressers.

Of course, this more than likely means they don’t have much experience with femdom or can’t empathize with those different than themselves. There is a major distinction between the two. It is important to appreciate and recognize the diversity amongst our peers.


Who is the Sissy?


What is a sissy? First of all, a sissy is someone who identifies themselves as a sissy. They want to be feminized. Not only do they wish for their clothes to be feminine, they also want to act feminine. So, it really does depend on how they perceive themselves, or want to be perceived.

I can just explain variations. Sissy is definitely not discourteous to them. In fact, they prefer to be known as a sissy. Doesn’t mean they lack self esteem in the least. Basically, they choose to be a sissy and are proud to be a sissy. Usually, they are submissive males who enjoy being passive, obedient, and feminine. Most of them revel in the cross-dressing lifestyle.



Sissies, Crossdressers, and the Femdom


For those who practice Femdom, it can be very honorable to be known as a sissy. They are keen on being subservient to their mistress. They may have a mistress who lives with them, and be very proud to obey their Mistress. Being a sissy is about how they experience it on the inside. They usually know from an early age that they sissies, and do not take offense to the term.

They may put on their frilliest pair of pink silk panties, and immediately feel sissy. But, as soon as they take off those frilly, pink, panties, the mood can change. Sissies love to be identified as sissies, and it is up to them, when and how they are identified. There are many who are married in monogamous relationships. They may like to be recognized as a sissy, because they clean house, and dress like a sissy maid.

For instance, some crossdressers may consider themselves a sissy and are fine with the term. However, it is just a fantasy for them. Maybe they don’t even act on it in their life. They could have a wife, family, job, and the whole package. They are not sissies in their everyday life. These men have a fantasy of being a submissive sissy, who may take orders from a mistress.

Sissy School Feminization Training (800) 601-6075Some may call a phone sex line to speak with a Mistress, and act out their sissy desires on the phone. They long to be dominated by a strict femdom who enjoys calling them a sissy. They may be bisexual or bicurious and just need a firm, dominant Mistress to guide or train them. It could end right there in that fantasy. Once they hang up the phone, they go back to their regular life.

There isn’t really one explanation for this, which can be explained so easily. It is not easy: there are several factors that contribute to a male who likes to wear women’s clothing and lingerie and be called a sissy. Maybe they dreamed about wearing a more mature woman’s clothing when they were young. Maybe they were teased and called a sissy growing up. There isn’t just one reason for it. The dynamics in this could go on and on, depending on whom we are talking about.

Then, you have the everyday sissies. Some may have to wear men’s clothes to work, depending on their job, but as soon as they get home, they take off their suit and prance around in their panties. They love every minute of it and know they are sissies. These sissies identify themselves as such. They love being a submissive little sissy; they may live with their Mistress.

The Mistress may or may not be their wife. But, they adore their Mistress. They will do anything to serve their Mistress. More often than not, sissies are bisexual. Some may even prefer males over females, and vice versa. There is not a specific sexual preference for the term, sissy or cross dresser for that matter.


Not all Cross Dressers are Sissies


Sissy School Feminization Training (800) 601-6075On the other hand, there are many crossdressers who do not appreciate being called a sissy. It may offend or insult this crossdresser if someone calls or implies that they are a sissy. It has a negative feel to them. In this circumstance, it is probably most well-known as a childish insult meant to put down a male who may be feminine.

These crossdressers do not think of themselves as a sissy at all, nor do they feel like one. They may have a different meaning for the word;  “sissy” to them can be someone who is wimpy, and who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty. That is why many crossdressers do not want to associate themselves with this term.

For some crossdressers, when they are wearing women’s clothing, they consider themselves to be femme but do not identify with being a sissy at all. They may consider themselves strong, fierce, and independent women who have no desire to be dominated by a Mistress or (anyone for that matter). On the flipside, when they are dress as men, they consider themselves to be men; they look and feel masculine. That is, until they put their panties on.


The Difference Between Sissies and Crossdressers is Individual


The difference between sissies and crossdressers is often individual and varies from one person to another. So, the moral of this story is: to each his or her own. Some are fine with the term and even love being a sissy. Who are we to judge?

Today’s meaning of sissy has somehow turned into someone who enjoys humiliation/submission. Those who enjoy being a sissy, enjoy it when they are at their most girly. Other cross dressers accepts the term, but they know the term “sissy” is not for them. If one chooses to acknowledge themselves as a sissy, good for them.

But, if you know a cross dresser, please do not automatically assume they are a sissy, if they don’t tell you upfront. You could insult them, hurt their feelings, and that is not right. Wait for them to tell you whether they would like you to call them a sissy, or if they refer to themselves a sissy. Then, go on…. tell them what a gorgeous sissy they are.