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Telling Your Wife That You Are a Cross Dresser


Crossdresser Husband (800) 601-6975Telling your wife that you are a cross dresser can be one of the most difficult confessions to make. You might not be sure if the love of your life is open minded enough to receive your cross dressing ways. It all depends on how much cross dressing is a part of your life.

If you dress occasionally in panties, and do it once in a blue moon – you may not need to break the news to your lady. Maybe you would want to, but in a playful way. However, if you do not want to bare your soul with the occasional fleeting cross dressing fantasy, then there may be no reason to really reveal this.

All couples have secrets that they keep to themselves. Yes, even your girlfriend and her fantasy of having sex with a group of men!


Don’t Be Jealous of Your Wife’s Clothes – Share Them!

If you think about cross dressing constantly and you find that you are feeling jealous of your wife or girlfriend because she is wearing such pretty outfits, or that you sneak around and dress and wish you could express this with her – you might want to consider it. Let her into your private life easily.

Talk to her calmly, and don’t be too serious about it. Dressing en femme may be your passion, but, explain to her in a way that won’t freak her out or concern her. You just love women, and you love how sexy women’s clothes are! So sexy, you want to cross dress!


If You Tell Your Wife You are a Cross Dresser and She isn’t Okay With it, You Still Have Options

If you feel your girlfriend or wife will not accept your lifestyle, don’t fret, and try to cross dress when you can and feel comfortable. There is nothing wrong with cross dressing and remember that women wear pants, suits and men-like clothing all the time! Keep that in mind, even if your significant other does not approve, or you believe she will not understand.

Make time for your cross dressing because it’s a way to express who you really are, and a way to escape the stresses of everyday life. Being a woman is exciting! For more help and guidance with telling your wife that you are a cross dresser, call the Sissy Training Mistresses at