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Punishing A Bad Sissy


Despite their best efforts, every sissy eventually gets out of line.  It might be that they touched their sissy clits without permission.  Or maybe they were channeling their inner brat and talked back. 

The point is, when you are a bad sissy, I need to, as Barney Fife would say, “nip it in the bud!”  So, if you are even thinking about misbehaving, know that sissy punishment is in store for you.


Punishing A Bad Sissy With Mouth Washing

Sissy Mouthwashing Sissy Training (800) 601-6975 No, you will not get “soap poisoning”!  But I guarantee, when I tell you to open up that mouth, and I stick a bar of soap in there, you’ll find out rather quickly you’d much prefer the taste of cock, now won’t you?



Butt Plugging as Punishment for Sissy Touching

Now, many of my sissies are plugged anyway. But when one decides to make an ass out of herself, I like to make the punishment fit the crime – by using an even bigger plug.

Usually one at least one size up from the biggest she’s used to.  This serves a dual purpose, because it punishes her and it gets her sissy hole ready for bigger cocks!


Bad Sissy Spankings

Sissy Spanking Sissy Training (800) 601-6975These are always done with her standing in the middle of the room, her panties around her knees, and while she’s bent over holding her ankles.  Not only must she endure the punishment spanking, but she has to keep the panties at her knees. 

When we’re done, I give her corner time, nose pressed in there holding a quarter against the wall, with her hands on her head. So if you want an OTK (over the knee) spanking, you’d better be a good sissy!



Chastity as Sissy Punishment

Of course my sissies are often locked up! There’s no use for their sissy clits, and they should focus on being the best sissy they can be, not on their sissy sticks.

The punishment comes in adding days to their release date, or even being teased or milked while in the cage.



Team Sissy Punishment

Femdom Friends Sissy Training (800) 601-6975This is only for sissies who have been with me for a while, and who I’ve shared their sissydom with some friends.  The most mild form of this punishment is to invite some of my other Femdom friends over and just allow them to watch while I punish her.

I’ll spank, paddle or cane her, and allow them to ask her how she feels, what she did to earn her punishment, etc.  If she’s still misbehaving, I’ll schedule another session during which my friends can participate in her punishment. With phone sex sissies, I’ve done this where we’ve done webcam calls with several other Mistresses.



If All Else Fails…

I will banish my sissy. During which time, since I know what a slut she is, I’ll give her to a number of my friends. She will have call each of them and follow their commands, just as if they were my own. 

Of course, I tell those friends that they are to punish her severely and under no circumstances, allow a sissygasm.  She may think she’s getting a break from me, but I usually choose the most severe, strictest, mean Mistresses I know. So that by the end, she’s begging to come back and behave for me.


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