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Sissy Makeup Tutorial:

How to Make Your Eyes Look Feminine and Dazzling with Eye Shadow


Do you wear sissy makeup when you go en femme? When you are cross dressing and trying to be as feminine as possible, it’s important to have the right make up, especially the right eye shadow. Eye make up can be the most difficult to accomplish and the most time consuming.

Not only that, you are not sure what colors to pick out, let alone all the brands and what tools do you use? So what is a sissy or cross dresser to do? Don’t fret! Read more about how you, too, can accomplish great eye make up with eye shadow!


Sissy MakeUp: Choosing Eye Shadow


First of all, it doesn’t matter what brand of eye shadow you use – however, some eye shadows, the colors are more concentrated and lasts longer. It depends on where you are going and how long you are going to be there! High pigment eye shadows – such as MAC products, can last a long time and be more concentrated than what you buy at a drugstore.

If you are not sure what colors are most suitable for you – go with browns, or even smoky black eye shadow. However, if you have hazel or green eyes, purples or browns will look fabulous. If you have brown eyes, browns, golds, black eye shadow, or burgundy will look great. For blue eyes, peaches, blues and pinks look gorgeous!


Applying Eye Shadow


Blending is key with eye shadow, and it’s best to use a brush for eyes, then a typical eyes hadow applicator sponge. It’s very important to use gradation when applying eye shadow, and gradation means going from darker to lighter.

Look at fashion magazines of make up, or pick up books on the the art of make up that shows step by step how to apply eye shadow. The important thing is that your eye shadow does not look like a strip, but a nice flow of dark to light color.


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