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Why Do My Panties Get Wet When You Make Fun of Me?


Sissies Love Sissy Humiliation!


Sissy Humiliation at Sissy School (800) 601-6975A lot of sissies enjoy sissy humiliation. Why is that? What about it excites them? Is it mean to humiliate a sissy who wants to be humiliated?

Is it cruel for a Mistress to indulge the fantasies of a sissy who craves humiliation?

And why do sissies so often wish to be the target of humiliation, whether that’s playful humiliation or cruel, taunting degradation?

Some believe it is opportunistic, cruel, or mean to engage in humiliation with sissies who crave it. Some would claim that sissies need therapy, or self-esteem boosting, to get over their craving for humiliation.



Humiliated Sissies



Sissy Humiliation at Sissy School (800) 601-6975And then there are those who actually enjoy the practice of sissy humiliation. They may argue that the eroticizing of insecurities is a ubiquitous phenomenon in all niches and sub-niches of human erotic pleasure. No amount of psychotherapy will eradicate it from our collective sexuality.

It is the brain’s natural tendency to question itself, its desires, its thoughts, its wants. If this self-analysis and self-questioning did not exist, we would live amidst the chaos of a world of humans functioning at the level of the Id.

Most often, this inward reflection is an instantaneous and almost imperceptible action – we do it all the time and we’re probably not even aware that we’re doing it.



Humiliation and Degradation



Pink Sissy Panty Humiliation (800) 601-6975When insecurity comes into play, we question – and we don’t necessarily receive the self-response we want.

For instance, “Am I manly enough?”

Many if not most men ask this question of themselves on a continuous basis. Most of the time they have external evidence to support an affirmative answer.

Take the example of the man whose subconscious mind presents this question to itself – while said man flounces around the house in panties, petticoats and high heels.

Brain says “Am I manly enough?” Brain answers “No, you big sissy, you sure aren’t!”

And at that moment, an insecurity is born.




Eroticizing One’s Insecurities



It is also a natural tendency to want to escape from pain or discomfort, physical, mental and emotional. An interesting trick of the mind when it comes to mental and emotional discomfort, brought on by insecurity, is to eroticize that insecurity. It becomes something pleasurable, or erotic.

The pleasure is intensified by external confirmation of the source of the insecurity.

For example:


  • A woman fears her own sexuality or perceived promiscuity. Thus, she finds arousal by being called a “whore” or “slut” in bed.
  • A man is somewhat uncomfortable with his bisexual tendencies. Therefore, he finds arousal in sexual situations where he’s being called “faggot” or “cocksucker”.
  • A lack of endowment plagues the thoughts of a man with a rather small penis. He finds it incredibly erotic to hear how he is so small he will never have a real woman. His fate is a sex life of masturbation for all eternity. He is very sexually responsive to jokes about his “pindick”.
  • A man suspects that he is not sexually satisfying his wife. He suspects that his wife is having sex with other men. This frequently morphs into cuckold fantasies.
  • A man has fantasies (or realities, as it were) of dressing like a sissy girl, pink panties and full make up and frilly girlie lingerie and clothes. These desires make him question his masculinity. Rather than experiencing this emotional discomfort as a negative, he seeks out external affirmation of his sissy-ness in the form of sissy humiliation.


One of the strongest sources of emotional discomfort is the mental event when the external does not coordinate with the internal (thoughts/feelings).  When a person can at once eroticize their insecurities AND seek and find external confirmation of the insecurity, pleasurable erotic humiliation results.



Sissy Humiliation is Harmless, Healthy Fun


Pink Sissy Panty Humiliation (800) 601-6975So crossdressers and sissies, next time you find yourself craving humiliation from a Mistress, don’t automatically assume you are damaged goods heading for the psychiatrist’s couch!

Though professional therapy can be very helpful in working through your complex feelings, both sexual, sissy, and otherwise, there is also no harm in exploring your desire for sissy humiliation, as long as you understand why you crave erotic humiliation, and as long as the humiliation is more pleasurable than hurtful.

Because a kind, responsible Mistress would never want to really hurt her darling little sissy….