How to Become the Perfect Sissy Housewife

Housewife Sissy


Have you dreamed of being the perfect housewife sissy? What does being a perfect housewife sissy entail? If you see yourself in that archetypical fifties style housewife – what do you first need to do?




Imagine yourself in an apron and a prim and proper ironed out dress with heels as you bake cookies and clean. Imagine yourself doing this for a day under the supervision of a Mistress. You’d put on your perfect, ironed dress that cinches at the waist with an apron wrapped around you with heels and your make up perfect. Then, you’d prepare her meals, and clean her house all before she gets home from her long day at work. Perhaps you can even be a more perfect housewife sissy by massaging her feet, and drawing her a nice hot bath.

Part of your routine of a housewife sissy is for you to feel useful, and to make your Mistress or even your Master more comfortable. Go and getting flowers and arranging them in a vase, and ironing your Mistress’ clothes all make for a useful housewife sissy! Not only that, you may be useful to her friends too if she so decides to send you out “on loan”.

It’s best to try to learn as many sissy housewife things as you can. If you don’t know how to cook well – now is the time! Ironing, washing, entertaining her friends, and maybe even strap on play is all required to make your Mistress happy and your sissy housewife dreams come true!

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