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How to Act Like a Sissy

by Mistress Daphne of


Have you ever wondered how to act like a sissy? I have decades of experience with folks on all sections of the trans-spectrum. Not everyone considers being a sissy as a trans experience, but some do, so if you do, great! If not, no worries at all. You do not need to label yourself to be a sissy, that’s for sure. 

You be you!

So How Do You Act Like a Sissy?


Sissy Husband Crossdresser Husband Sissy School (800) 601-6975Many people think of sissies as men who run around dressed as sissy maids or with their wrists loose and their voices squealing as if they were much younger than they really are. While these can be a part of being a sissy if someone desires these traits, that is not necessarily what sissies act like or look like.

Depending on what kind of sissy someone is, that will determine (and none of it is ever set in stone!) what they wear, how they dress, and sometimes, even how they talk when in sissy-mode.



Acting Like a Sissy Slut


If a sissy is dressed in her slutty best, she would probably be wearing a tight black or red dress, cut down to there, showing her ample breasts. Perhaps the dress is very tight and her breast forms are huge inside the bodice of the dress. She would surely have stiletto heels on, the taller the better, don’t you think?

If a sissy were dressed to the nines like this, ready for a night on the town, she would slink along like a minx, looking for someone to hook up with. On the prowl, she would flirt with the men at the club, or even at the work functions. Would the sissy slut have any boundaries? Probably not. She is a slut through and through, aching to be fucked and used.


How a Sissy Doll Would Act


Sissy dolls are just precious! They are adorable in their frilly pink short dresses up to their ruffle-y bloomers. There would be bows all over both items of clothing, pink, of course. This sissy would wear a different kind of sissy makeup from the sissy slut. It would accent her lips and cheeks, little circles of blush on the apple of her cheeks. How adorable, right?

Sissy dolls often play with dolls, feeling quite young and kittenish. They might have fun tea parties with other sissies, or sessions where they play with Barbies. Don’t think that these perky girls are left out of sexual fun. Oh, no. They might play naughty games with each other; how much fun would that be?


What About a Business Sissy?


A business sissy? What in the world would that be? 

These sissies love to dress as if they are executives running the world, but are subjugated to taking care of the boss and possibly all the other women (and men?) in the office… getting them coffee, typing up contracts, or crawling under their desks and giving them some afternoon delight.

Sissy businesswomen wear tailored, usually expensive, dress suits with jackets. They almost always wear low-plunge white silk blouses with bright red lace bras underneath that folks comment on. Can you imagine bending over to pick up a pencil someone dropped – for the fifth time – and your breasts nearly spilling out of the gorgeous red bra? How sexy is that?


And the Sissy Maid? How Would She Act?


Ahhh, the sissy maid! How would a sissy maid act? This sissy might be the most common of all the sissies.

Once they get themselves into their sexy maid’s dresses, they put on the frilly white apron that designates them as the servant of the party. Of course she would be wearing black stockings with the seam running down the back and a pair of stilettos that go clickity clack as they rush down the hall to answer the clanging bell. She might even put an English maid’s cap to top it all off.

Sissy maids are, quite literally, the servants of the all the sissies. Even when the other types of sissies “service” the men and women around them, the sissy maid is skilled in cleaning, cooking, laundry, and every type of sexual need that requires attending to. 


How Would You Act as a Sissy?


I hope this helps you understand the different kinds of sissies and what kind of girl you could be… might be… are already… and how you would act.

I would love to hear about your type of sissy. Email me at and let me know what kind of sissy you are, how you know that and how you would act.

Let’s talk, girlfriend!