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Feminine Sissy Hair:
How to Make Your Hair Look More Feminine


How can you have feminine sissy hair if you’re not able to let it grow long? Even if you have short hair (as long as it’s not shaved), you can do a lot to make your hair appear more soft and feminine when you are cross dressing. If your hair is too short, give it time to grow so you can work with it and make it fit your sissy and cross dressing needs! Your hair does not have to be shoulder length, but it can have just enough length to it to make your feminine sissy hair look it’s best.

Wear curlers. Wearing curlers at night will for sure make you feel more feminine and when you take them out in the morning, you will have a nice head of curls to tease and set with hair spray.


Pretty, Pretty Ribbons in Your Hair


Put ribbons in your hair. Putting bows or ribbons in your hair makes you feel not only sissy, but very girlish. Make sure you select pink, purple or any ribbon that fits your outfit!

Ribbons too infantile? You can try barrettes with rhinestones, or any kind of scarf through your hair that fits your cross dressing hair needs.


Feminine Sissy Hair: Highlights are Feminine and Light Up Your Face


Put highlights in your hair. If you like to add some dimension into your hair – you can add some highlights around your face in light brown, or perhaps blonde. This makes for a very feminine touch and can really light up your face.

If you want more tips in how to fix your hair and look more feminine, call our Mistresses at Sissy School who can help you today!


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