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By Ms Cecilia of Sissy School – 800-356-6169

What is Femininity?

What does it mean to be feminine? Cross dressers who wish to be feminine may ponder the definition and have their own definition of what it is to be feminine. Femininity can mean many different things to many different cross dressers and sissies alike. Take a moment to ponder what femininity and what it means to you.

Femininity is how you carry yourself, and how you may dress. Do you consider femininity to be satin and lace, cross dressing in business suits, or in frilly layered dress with a petticoat? It could be just as simple as slipping on a pair of your wife’s panties, or wearing lipstick. Doesn’t matter if you cross dress all the way that includes make up, or just one article of clothing, you can define femininity any way you want.


Feminine is a State of Mind

It can also be considered a state of mind. Thinking femininely or acting in a feminine manner can all constitute as being feminine. Maybe you think as a woman would, with more intuition, perhaps, or more “maternal”. Perhaps you speak in a feminine way, your voice is soft, your tone is womanly. It could also be in how you behave: you move gracefully, perhaps you walk like a woman, or move your hands like a woman. All of these attributes can be considered feminine.

Femininity is how you define it, whether you cross dress or wear a squirt of Chanel No. 5. If it makes you feel like a woman, then you are just about a woman. Feeling feminine or girlie does not have to be just about biology, or hormones. It’s an action, a feeling and a state of mind. Enjoy cross dressing, enjoy feeling it, because you are a woman!

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Be Well,
Ms Cecilia


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