Exploring Sissy Femininity

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What is Femininity?

sissy femininitySissy Femininity is a State of Mind

It can also be considered a state of mind. Thinking femininely or acting in a feminine manner can all constitute as being feminine. Maybe you think as a woman would, with more intuition, perhaps, or more “maternal”. Perhaps you speak in a feminine way, your voice is soft, your tone is womanly. It could also be in how you behave: you move gracefully, perhaps you walk like a woman, or move your hands like a woman. All of these attributes can be considered feminine, and therefore define sissy femininity, too.

Femininity is how you define it, whether you cross dress or wear a squirt of Chanel No. 5. If it makes you feel like a woman, then you are just about a woman. Feeling feminine or girlie does not have to be just about biology, or hormones. It’s an action, a feeling and a state of mind. Enjoy cross dressing, enjoy feeling it, because you are a woman!

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