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Effective Ways To Handle Sissy Shame


Sissy Shame and PurgingSissy shame is part of the messy, emotional aspect of being a sissy.  If you are a sissy, you know you’ve felt that shame. Most sissies will purge at least once on their sissy journey because of that shame and many will purge their feminine selves multiple times.

The purge is distressing to everyone involved, including your Feminization Mistress. So what is a sissy to do when that shame bubbles up and threatens to overwhelm you? Let’s take a look at the emotional business of the sissy shame why it occurs, and how you can combat the dreaded purge because of your shame.


Sissy Shame


When you engage in any erotic play and step out from the mainstream expectations for sex and sexuality,  there will be thoughts that bubble up by your societal conditioning, whispering in your brain about how you should not be engaging in this behavior.  Sissy and sissy behavior is probably number one on the list of kinky behavior that propels the shame factor.

Although times are changing many would still be ostracized from their social circle when revelations are exposed.  Relationships are irrevocably upended. Where is the shame coming from? Considering the previous sentence and aforementioned societal conditioning, that shame is not coming from you, per see, but from the culture in which you exist.  Your fear of being found out, your guilt from living a dual life, your frustration over not being able to live or experience your sissy nature to its fullest all aids in the shame.

Before we go any further, if you have eroticized the sissy shame, and enjoy being humiliated over your sissy desires, this post just might not be for you. There are those sissies who embrace their shame and their humiliation propels them to new sissy levels. This is okay too, and there are Mistresses who will take great pleasure in amplifying your shame kink.


Effective Processing Of  Your Sissy Shame


Every sissy, as part of their journey, handles that sissy shame bubbling up in their own way. Many sissies struggle for years to find their footing., spending hours-if not days or weeks-of self-reflection, depression, and guilt.  How can your process this in a healthier way? Take a look at healthy ways others have been able to process that shame in a less destructive way.

If you find yourself unable to hop off the roller coaster of guilt and feel destructive, it’s time to get professional assistance. Reading this post will help many, but it is in no way a substitute for professional care.


Public Sissy Or Private Sissy


Many sissy desires focus on private, intimate interactions; meaning the erotic play is with one or a few others in a private setting. Of course, the sissy is pretty, painted, and prepared in her girlie attire.

If this is your sissy style, to hold your sissy on a private level, then most likely no one will ever find out. Except for a few open-minded and accepting social circles, many of us don’t know what happens in others’ bedrooms. Frankly, it’s nobody’s business how you like to be intimate.

Each time you have a distressing thought about the “What ifs,” remind yourself that it’s not anyone’s business, count how many people you know, then count how many people you know that you are aware of what they do in their bedroom.

If your desires are to be more public-bars or other public venues-and you need to keep your sissy secret, then neighboring cities, weekend trips to other states create opportunities to safely explore your feminization kink publicly. It’s not a matter of “if you are going to be sissy,” it’s only a matter of “how” you will balance sissy with the rest of your life.


Understanding Your Sissy Self


When that shame rises to the surface, it’s important to try and quell that anxiety. Unaddressed, that anxiety rise to a level where you are apt to purge. It is true everyone finds what works for them when faced with coming to terms with their sissy desires.

Understand you are going through something that many have gone through before. Know you are not alone, and that there is help! Either via other sissy’s, your Mistress and professional help as well. There is no reason to suffer alone.


Two Ways To Process Sissy Shame


So, let’s look at two specific ways you can begin today to process (handle) that shame.

1- Understand your Sissy Self- For many the struggle between the dichotomy of their two lives is overwhelming. But one thing that is true is your sissy desires will never go away. Like many things in our life that we must manage, your sissy desires will be with you forever. The only reasonable and rational thing to do is to admit and accept there is no running away from your sissy nature, only how you will manage it.

2- Surround yourself with those who do understand and celebrate you. Terrifying, as it is to open up and share your sissy self with another or others it’s something you must do. Remember, above when I mention “the culture you exist in”. Lucky for you we have dozens of experienced Mistresses who will help guide you and celebrate you! Each Mistress has her own style, and methods to help you on your journey.  We can also help you find communities around you who will also welcome you, and celebrate you.


Our Experienced Feminization Mistresses, our social network Enchantrix Empire, and other various social opportunities can help you with expanding your social circle to include those who celebrate you.