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Can Someone Be Coerced to Do Something They Really Want to Do?


Coerced Sissy – Coerced to Live Out Your Deepest Fantasy?


Crossdressing Feminization Training (800) 601-6975When we talk about femdom, domination, and submission, often the theme of “coersion” comes into play. Frequently, submissive men have fantasies about doing things that they think are “wrong”. Some may even have a real desire to do such things. Often, a man fantasizes about being a coerced sissy, or being coerced to crossdress (frequently called “Coerced Feminization.”) All this talk of coersion begs the question – can one be “coerced” to do something they secretly (or not-so-secretly) want to do?

Most of the activities that show up in “coerced” fantasies are of the emasculating and humiliating variety. Coerced sissification, coerced bisexuality (coerced bi), coerced cum eating, and coerced feminization are four of the most popular “coerced fantasies” in the femdom world. Not many can argue that these activities reek of “real man” sexuality. You can’t convince real men to wear panties and makeup, suck cock, and eat cum. Instead, they are the opposite of masculinity. Most men consciously shy away from anything that will reveal desires that are anything less than “manly”.

Nonetheless, many, many men have fantasies in which they, or their behavior, is far from manly.


Is It Really Coercion?


Coerced Feminization and Coerced Sissies Sissy Training (800) 601-6975In order to alleviate the guilt and shame that goes along with being less than a man, the coerced sissy fantasizer may need to cloak the desire to be a sissy, or to be feminized, in the guise of “she made me do it!” Coercion, seduction and trickery executed by a woman or female figure, is the road to this relief from guilt. If a secret wanna-be sissy is coerced to be emasculated and feminized, then he does not have to take responsibility for his own desires.

Makes perfect sense, right?

Furthermore, the same goes for coerced cocksucking fantasies and activities. Also, this applies to sissies being coerced to eat his (or her) own ejaculate. Same for non-sissified feminization. All of these activities remove the desire from the fantasizer, and place it in the hands of the Mistress-feminizer. So, this means the coerced sissy can be free to enjoy all of the pleasures that go along with his sissification fantasies – and none of the guilt and shame.


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