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What Kind of Sissy Are You?

The Frilly Sissy


What kind of sissy are you when you dress up and you’re in sissy mode? There are all types of sissies and one can usually be put in a category of what they are most attracted to. Many are attracted to being a “frilly sissy” and love to dress accordingly to that style.


So, what is a frilly sissy? Are you one?


These type of sissies love lace and ruffles; they enjoy little dresses, patent leather Mary Jane shoes, or even heels. The lace, flounce, petticoats, rumba panties and ruffles and somewhat formal short dresses are what usually appeals to a sissy who loves the more frilly style of dress!

You’ll most likely see these sissies shopping in specialized sissy stores where they can get short girlie dresses with ruffles and layers, or catch one at a Goodwill store looking for a frilly prom dress from the eighties. You will find frilly sissies shopping for those kinds of clothes, and wanting to be coerced into wearing feminine clothes.


Sissies Learn How to be Frilly


If you love to be frilly, you might enjoy being made to dress this way in front of a group of girls, or taking pictures of yourself as you are wearing something feminine and girly! You might like to serve your Mistress and her girlfriends tea, or be made to do humiliating sissy tasks in front of your Mistress.

Skipping, singing a song, prancing, and talking with a lisp and feminine voice might appeal to you. Are you blushing yet? You are? It’s because you know that we are talking about you, frilly sissy.

If you are looking for sissy assignments, and humiliating tasks or you are looking to be dressed up as the frilly sissy we know you to be – give the Sissy School Mistresses a call and make sure you have your sissy clothes with you!