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The 7 Sissy Types [Which Are You?]


Sissy Humiliation at Sissy School (800) 601-6975You know you are a sissy, but what type of sissy are you? Let’s review 7 sissy types and where your sissy desires might fall when it comes to your sissy type.   This list reviews the most popular sissy types but is not meant to be all-inclusive.The wonderful thing about being a sissy is you don’t have to conform or abide by one type of sissy. Maybe you are a blend of sissy types, or your sissy desires evolve over time or perhaps change with your mood.


Starting Out Sissy


Many who are starting out as a sissy may not know exactly what type of sissy they are. Sure you love feminine clothes, even being painted and perfumed. But in what direction does your journey take you?  What thrills you most? Most sissies have a female archetype they admire or aspire to be. 

So a natural progression for some is to move towards emulating them. For other sissies, having that lovely example of womanhood, perhaps a boss, or professor but don’t feel they are worthy to “be like her” so they aspire to become the sissy she would want as her very own and not necessarily a carbon copy of her.

These dynamics often lead the sissy to their sissy type, but as mentioned above your sissy type can be a blend or you can move from one type to another.  Now it’s time to take a look at different types of sissy.


Domesticated Sissy


Domesticated Sissy Maid

This type of sissy has a few subsets. But all deserve their own type.

These sissy types love stereotypical female responsibilities, sometimes as a precursor to intimate play, or simply because it’s their purpose and place. The domesticated sissy can include:


50’s Housewife Sissy


A housewife sissy and a 50’s housewife sissy are very similar. Both sissy’s focus is on keeping her home impeccable, with perfectly coiffed hair, impeccable makeup, and dress. The 50’s housewife sissy focuses on that classic silhouette of a shirtwaist dress and similar attire and attitude.   

Subservient in nature, she’s happiest when her days are filled with tending to the home and ensuring there’s a hot meal ready for when you get home.  Sometimes these sissy housewives can quickly turn into that harlot in bed, so don’t be surprised if a sissy housewife greets you in bed, wrapped in a big pink ribbon for you to unwrap.


Sissy House Slave


Sissy house slave performs many of the same tasks as a sissy housewife. The twist with this sissy is her mindset. Not worthy of you, and the generous gift of your feminine time. 

It thrills and humiliates her to perform her chores, while dressed in the sexiest of feminine clothes.  Sissy is more comfortable, with seeing themselves as your property. Sissy’s purpose and place in life is to serve Mistress and please her. All else is secondary.

Does Mistress care about her slave’s orgasms or pathetic dangle between her legs? I guess that depends on the sissy and the Mistress.


Sissy Husband


Sissy Husband, sometimes en femme, sometimes not. Most perform chores and the one not-so-surprising fact: She wears the proverbial pants in the house.

So if she wants a roast made by a sissy in a pink maid uniform or a pink g-string in a chastity device, that’s what the sissy husband will wear. Many sissy husbands are males presenting in public, and among social circles.


Frilly Sissy


Frilly Sissy

Some might lump frilly sissy in with domesticated sissy, and they might have a valid argument. Although frilly sissy does spend time at home, primping, and painting, her focus, and joy are almost always on the frills, the sparkle.

Sissy loves to try the latest makeup techniques and hairstyles. A delightful time for a frilly sissy is to go sissy shopping with Mistress or on special occasions sissy manicures, and pedicures.

Some frilly sissies are also sissy bimbos, vapid with huge tits, luscious lips, and a flair for the slutty.  As we move through more types of sissies I am sure you will not be surprised to know with each and any type of sissy we might discuss, there is the slutty version! For many, just adopting the moniker of sissy automatically assigns slutty behavior.


Sissy Cuckold


Sissy cuckolds are really a slutty bunch. Are there those poor suffering cuckolds dressed in pink locked heels, and a pink latex sheath dress, while their wife enjoys a real man’s cock? Certainly, but a lot of sissy cuckolds want to be in the action.

Either as a  helper, warm towels, or headrest. Some are sissy cuckold fluffers. These sissy cuckolds suck cock  with great abandon and always work for the opportunity to serve cock.


Spanking Sissy


Combining two of Mistress’s favorite things: spanking (discipline) and feminization. Routine discipline spankings or other types of pain play are incorporated into sissy’s existence. 

Sissy knows she is naughty for her desires and comes to love, appreciate, and even crave Mistress’s firm hand.


Lingerie Sissy


Lingerie Sissy has one laser-focused desire. Lingerie, and more Lingerie. Many times lingerie sissy loves to play with her makeup and hair.  Hours spent shopping online for the perfect pieces and prices. 

It’s fun when lingerie sissy has Mistress urging, encouraging, and yes sometimes commanding sissy towards appropriate items. Lingerie sissy often has a vast storehouse of knowledge over where to shop, and what to buy.


More Types Of Sissies


Many of you will identify somewhat or strongly with one or more of these types of sissies.

Whatever type of sissy you identify with, be it one on this list or one which should be included in this list reach out to your favorite Mistress to discuss, or try our live help to get connected with a Sissy Mistress who shares your desires. We will consider your request.