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How to Be the Perfect 1950’s Sissy Housewife!


Lots of sissies want to be a  housewife, and lots of sissies also want to live that perfect lifestyle of dresses, and having dinner made on time and also having the perfect clean house. Even if this is just a fantasy for you, it’s still fun on what you could do to be a perfect housewife sissy for your Mistress, or your favorite fantasy man.

First of all – quit your job. A 50’s sissy housewife does not need to be working at all! Your place is at home!


50’s-Style Sissy Housewives Must Always Look Their Best


To be a good sissy housewife, before your Mistress, husband, or boyfriend gets up – make sure you get up a couple of hours earlier so that you can dress up nice and put your make up on perfectly! Then, get ready to cook a nourishing breakfast. Then, make sure you have your clothes ready for your Mistress or whomever you are serving!

Make sure you plan, or pack, your Mistress or Master a nice lunch and send them on their way! Next, it’s cleaning, laundry and cleaning the whole house. This includes dusting, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms up and down. Don’t forget you must look fresh and pretty the whole time you are doing it!


 Take Care of His Needs, Sissy Housewife


Now it’s time for your Master or your Mistress to come home, and again, you must freshen up your lipstick and look your very best. They had an exhausting day and like a good sissy housewife, you must be there to serve them and make them feel special!

For any other sissy housewife tips, make sure you stop by Sissy School and give the ladies a ring, they can help keep you in place and make sure you are doing your housewife chores.



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