Panties For Sissies


Oh, panties. Every sissy longs for them and lusts after them. But there are so many kinds out there and so many choices as far as style, cut, fabric, and color that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially for a new sissy.


But never fear! We’ve written this Sissy School tutorial just for those of you who are a bit unsure of what kinds of panties there are out there or what kind would best suit your needs.


The first thing to consider when it comes to choosing panties (or any clothing, really) is this: What purpose do I want these panties to serve? The answer will tell you a lot about the kinds of panties you need to purchase. Of course, for most of you, the reply will be something along the lines of “I want some panties that make me feel pretty and sexy.” You may think that’s a silly response, but it’s not. Many women choose their panties for the same reason because those panties make them feel sexy.


If you want a pair of panties to make you feel confident and sexy, you’ll definitely need a pair that fits well. Panties that are too small are constricting and uncomfortable. Panties that are too large will ride up, roll down, and get twisted, all of which are also quite uncomfortable.


The best way to find out if panties fit is to try them on, of course. Unfortunately, most stores don’t allow panties to be tried on in the fitting rooms, nor do they allow you to return panties that don’t fit. This is bad news for sissy boys who are unsure about their panty size, but the retailers are simply trying to keep things sanitary. Can you imagine wearing a pair of panties someone else had already had on? Yuck!


Since you can’t try panties on in the store, the next best thing to do is try them on at home. However, if you really have no idea whatsoever about where to start when buying panties according to size, then this can get awfully expensive if you buy many pairs of panties that don’t fit. You won’t be able to return them, so what are you going to do with them?


That’s where the power of Google comes in. We searched “panty size chart” and came up with this great panty sizing chart. All you’ll need is a measuring tape to measure yourself. Once you get your measurements, simply check them against the chart, and voila! You have a good starting point for your panty size!


Now You’ve Got Your Sissy Panty Size! What Next?


The next thing to consider is cut. Do you want a pair of skimpy little panties or something that provides a little more coverage? Many sissies want the skimpiest thing they can find to start with. But later, they find that those skimpy panties don’t fit so well. Ladies’ panties weren’t made to accommodate a cock and a set of balls, however small they are! So you’ll probably do well to start with at least medium-coverage panties. Assess your body type and select your options by what will work for you!


If you see a pair of panties labeled “briefs,” what that means is that they are full-coverage panties. The classic briefs are what most people would call “Granny panties”; they come up high in the front and back and cover the entire pelvic area. One variation on classic briefs is high-cut (or French-cut) briefs. They’re made similarly to classic briefs and offer plenty of coverage, but the legs are cut higher than the legs in classic briefs.


Hipster and bikini panties both have much lower waistbands than briefs. The waistband is designed to sit at the top of the hips, which many women and sissies find more comfortable. The difference between the two is that bikinis are cut higher in the legs, allowing for more freedom of movement. Boy shorts also usually sit at the hips. You’ll find that boy shorts are a lot like men’s underwear and are a good choice for sissies who want to hide their “equipment.”


Minimal-coverage panties include the thong and g-string. Thongs and g-strings are usually cut like bikini panties in the front, but there is very little coverage in the back. A thong has a small piece of fabric that goes between your butt cheeks, while a g-string has, as the name suggests a fabric “string” that goes between your cheeks. Sissies often want to wear thongs and g-strings until they realize how hard it is to find some that fit properly!


More Considerations When Purchasing Sissy Panties


Once you know the size and style you want for your panties, the rest is easy!


Material can be a factor when choosing panties. Most panties are made of cotton or nylon. The nylon looks and feels a lot like silk. You can also buy real silk panties, but these are harder to find and more expensive. Some panties are trimmed with cotton or nylon lace, and you can even find wholly lace panties. When picking panties with lace, be sure the lace is very soft. It may be prone to making you itch, otherwise.


The type of material you choose is largely personal preference. If you’re planning on wearing your panties often or for long periods of time, we suggest that you wear cotton ones and save the nylon for special occasions. Cotton, because it is a natural fiber, allows your skin to “breathe,” whereas nylon, a synthetic fiber, does not.


Finally, the last thing you’ll need to think about is color. Panties come in virtually all colors and prints you can imagine, so you’ll have plenty of choices!


Now that you’ve chosen your panties, all that’s left to do is have fun wearing them. We hope that whether you wear your panties while masturbating, while having sissy phone sex, or while you’re out and about, you’ll enjoy them and get lots of use out of them!


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