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Welcome to Mistress Tia's Charm school for the panty-clad pansy...

So, you want to be a sissy? Sissies are my favorite kind of boy, especially when they do as they're told. My approach to your sissification is more motherly but still dominant enough to have you shaking those ruffles on your bottom! I enjoy watching my boys make the necessary transformation from "wanking jerk" to "pretty little panty girl". You long to wear frilly clothes and be appreciated for the "girl" you are? Well, I can teach you all the things necessary for you to become a true sissy girl.

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to a panties fantasy by Ms. Tia:

When we first speak, you should have your panties and whatever items you have coveted or "stolen" from the women in your life. Yes, I know you have a penchant for panties, that's why you're here, isn't it? In time you will quit taking these items from other women and learn that a true sissy buys her own panties and necessary items. Shopping trips are so much fun when you're all dressed up! Even better when the sales clerk is both shocked and intrigued. You WILL do as your told and wear what I tell you. Stockings are a nice touch, especially against your newly shaven legs. Heels are a must for every girl and you will learn to walk in them seductively, showing off your shapely legs and bottom. If you are good and pay attention in your lessons, Mistress may reward you for your efforts! Turning you "out" is one of the many services Mistress enjoys providing for you and for her clients.

A proper sissy is what I expect and require. No less will do. This takes time and effort on your part. You must be willing to submit to me, becoming the "girl" you've always wanted to be. I do not tolerate whining or back talk of any form, so be forwarned that such things will result in punishment.

So, you little pansy, practice your best "sissy" voice and learn to use it well. Mistress will be expecting to hear a sweet seductive "female" voice when I speak with you. If you have a special fantasy (and I know you do!) tell me about it and we'll have some fun. Of course, I'm not your normal "cookie cutter" type Mistress so you may find a few surprises along the way! A lady is never totally predictable, after all.