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Hello girlies! I'm sure you can tell by looking at me that I am very feminine, and I do love to shop! I know you want to experience what it's like to be a woman, and I'm here to show you how, dress you up and make you do what I want. I am one of the younger ones here and I can show you what the young girls are doing these days! Me and my friends are always going shopping, and it would be fun if we could all dress you up!

I'd like to hear where you are at in your training, or how long you have been feminine, or if you are new - I want to hear about that too, and I would love to teach you in all ways to be feminine, and if you are into boys (or girls). There is a fine art to being feminine, and you can certainly be taught that!

I also LOVE to do sissy maid training! I think it's so fun putting sissies to work, and making you do what I don't always like to do: clean! Plus, you could do great at serving and entertaining my friends and boyfriends.

Give me a call - I would love to show you all ways feminine. It's so much fun to be a girl!