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Hello there darling, cum inside so we can begin your transformation process. Transformation, you ask ? Of course! We cannot have you wearing that horrible outfit of disgusting masculinity any longer...I know your dirty little secret. Let???s embrace it together!

Under my expertly guiding hand and carefully patient instruction , you will be taught and shown the ways of the Woman.

From now on, I will show you Just how to carry yourself the right way (As a Woman , that is.) How to dress accordingly, how to doll and slut yourself up down to the last detail, how to speak, how to properly curtsey...and of Course , how to be a Real lady and turn all of those heads upon entering a room with that little clutch-purse in hand!

Ohhh, and then there is the perfume, the nail polish , the endless array of spa/bath products...Oooo , and let's not forget how good it feels to just be Totally pampered. You deserve that , little Miss ...don't you ?

I know that you secretly wish you were... Well , one of Us....And the secret is out of the proverbial closet , now isn't it ? Good , I can't wait for all of the shopping sprees , that is one of the biggest perks of being a true Lady after all 😉

So go and get that brand new pair of expensive panties that I just know you have tucked and hidden away and step out! Come on know what you Really desire , as do I..and that is to be My little sissy pet in training. I know how you long to strut your stuff , shake that tight panti-hose clad ass , to don those new shiny red pumps with that sexy and subtle heel , and to just go All out!!

It's ok if you are a bit shy at first too though..I will show you the ways of holding your head up , building up that confident swaying walk..while pursing those cocksucker-red lips just the right way , and of to speak softly and feminininly ..or perhaps you are more of the daring over the dainty type ? Well ..that's ok too , because I have some extra slutty ensembles for you to model for me ..Sound good?

Oh , we will have a Great time , sissy dear ..I promise.

Take My hand as I lead you down the delicate path to Womanhood ...::Giggles:: I just know that we can and Will have a wonderfully good time!

Now, you know how we girls just love to get all chatty on the phone ...what are you waiting for my dear ?

My phliosophy has always been "if you got it, then you should Damn well Flaunt it!!!" ..Now, lets get ready for a nice girls night out on the town ..My treat.. IF you are well-mannered and behaved for me throughout your training.

Shall you be ..? Only time shall tell ...