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I suppose you seek entrance to one of my various "Establishments?"

Upon successful training you MAY receive placement at my private Estate "Mayhem Manor"Only the CrГЁme de la Sissy CrГЁme are allowed to serve there.

I sense your trepidation as to what your placement could be at the Manor? Sissy Maid? Pony Slut at my Stables? endlessly being "ridden" by members of the "Mayhem Manor Gentleman's Equestrian Club?"

Maybe you need to be trained on my Yacht, "The Tightanic" where you will endlessly "go down" and have to "sink" to new lows as a Sissy Stewardess on a "Rough Trade" COCKtail Cruise?

"Any Port in a Storm" and YOU will be the Port, Princess.

I will test your Sissifications. Can you expand and contract that Pink Sissy Starfish for my demanding Clientele? BE the perfect Sphincter Slut? Do you have the prowess to relax your throat with perfectly painted lips, glossed and parted for the endless amount of Cock that will be sliding down your cream engorged throat?

I suspect you are already dissolving your panties in a wet desire of anticipation and longing whilst reading this.

Are your stockings seamed and straight? Corsets Cinched? Girdles, Garters, Panties and Bra's kept to meticulous perfection? Every Ruffle starched and erect?

Your Hair must be flawlessly coiffed, Nipples rouged, nails, long and lacquered and body waxed to pass my special "Glove," Test.

You will be required to withstand extensive Physical tests and the lowering of your IQ will transform you into the ultimate Fuck Toy, a living Doll, who exists only to Worship, Serve and Pleasure at my command.

IF you wish to Apply to Service me CALL: