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Aren't those high-cut French silk panties beautiful? I like the pale pink pair the best. No, I'm not a sales clerk here, I'm shopping for new panties, just like you. What's that? You say the panties aren't for you? Oh, come on now, silly... we both know that's not true. We both know these panties are for you. I've been watching you fondle the material in your fingers, rubbing it across the top of your hand, that dreamy look on your face that tells me you can't wait to get them home and slip them on.

I can almost see the scene play out in your mind as you touch each pair on the shelf... you go home, run yourself a nice lavender bubble bath, pour a glass of wine, slide into the tub and let the sensual scent permeate your skin as you soak. Then, some Skintimate shaving cream while you make your legs and body smooth, then rubbing in luscious lotion once you dry off. All of this to prepare you for sliding on those silk panties. And we both know how sexy you will be feeling after that...

So why stop there? I know just what you want and how to turn you into the sissy girl you long to be. Silk panties, scented bath products and smooth skin are a good start... now you just need a Mistress like me to guide you the rest of the way. So take those panties up to the cashier and check out, and then come with me...