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Hi, sugar. You found Me, how wonderful! It means you must be at least curious. The question is: how curious? Hmmm? Do you know exactly what you want? Or do you want to explore? Perhaps you just want to stroke your cock with a pair of soft, sweet panties while I tease you and whisper in your ear. Maybe, If I DARED you, you would try them on. What are your desires and your hot, horny cock telling you? Of course, it is commanding you to explore your secret, safely with someone you can trust. Trust and share your naughty, naughty thoughts, explore your desires let them take you where you never dared to go.

But how far will you go?

Will you be that filthy sissy slut? Parading around the bedroom in panties, stockings and heels? Perhaps your inner Princess yearns to be set free and you want more. Maybe those desires will compel you to be powdered, primped and polished, then prance through the market like a good sissy.

Maybe, just maybe you are yearning to indulge in the decadent luxury of silk, lace, or leather, but keep your delicious secret from the world.

Oh, yesss, I can just imagine it now. Perhaps, one day you will find yourself making a presentation in a meeting. White shirt, khaki pants, and the tie of the day. The persona you present is so dull and boring that it must be covering up for something, something the exact opposite of what you portray. Deep down there's a fire burning and your Mistress stokes it with supreme expertise. Imagine your Mistress sitting in that meeting, smiling, knowing there is more to you than meets the eye.

You are wearing those pink panties I saw at Victoria?s secret last weekend. I sent you in alone to buy them for this very occasion. It pleases Me when you push yourself and do things I request, like buying just ONE pair of panties, in your size, no gift wrap. You are so uncomfortable and inside your heart is racing, you work hard not to pant as you hand the clerk your credit card. Does she know they are for you? A bead of sweat appears at your temple, almost giving away your secret to the young lady at the counter. Grabbing the bag and quickly walking out the door, you must find Mistress, you must sit down before your growing boner reveals your secret to the whole world. Mistress knew and that's why she commanded you to wear these exact pants without underwear!

Oh, the sweet torture I put you through! Your heart racing, so exhilarating, so freeing to buy your first pair.

They are so soft, so silky, and oh so tight. You're holding your manhood in a soft, shimmering sea of pink and silk, standing in front of VP?s and managers, giving your presentation. Your cock twitches in response to the soft caress of the fabric when you move. The soft fabric is inflicting its sweet torture, reminding you of your secret, making you hard, making you want to touch your cock. The sweet, teasing agony, Mmmmmm...Mistress was right.

Cum, explore with Me, my sweet boy. How far will you go? How far will Mistress Erika take you? Find sweet, sexy sissy!