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Ms. Parker Kensington, Clinical Sissyologist, is ready to whip you into sissy-shape!

All those sissy desires are finally catching up to you, aren't they? I know, I've seen you in the store 'sissy-purging'. Buying girly bras and panties with pretty tops and skirts. The Sephora make-up you love to put on while watching a contouring video on the internet. All the bows and ribbons you purchase so you can style the dozens of wigs you have stashed in your closet. But then you just throw it all away, don't you? Afraid to admit who you truly desire to be. A woman. And who can blame you.

Let me help you embrace what your mother wanted all along - a pretty girl. I will encourage you to keep your womanly unmentionables so I can train you on how to properly do your hair and make-up, use feminine gestures and mannerisms, fine-tune that voice, and embarrassingly tell the lady at the counter what size you need in woman's heels.

Seriously though, don't you want to put those stockings on after you shaved your legs? Of course you do, sissy-girl.

Once you have been whipped into sissy-shape, we can go even further. Doesn't Prissy sound so much better than Doug? Yes.

So, Prissy, what kind of sissy do you want to be? A sissy slut, a sissy cuckold, sissy maid, sissy school-girl or sissy wife? I didn't mention what you like? Then call me so we can go there instead.

Let?s start your sissy training today!