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Welcome to Phoenix's Charm School where you learn how to dress, walk, talk and give pleasure like a perfect little pet. I've been training to be your mistress all my life; from making my Barbies catwalk ready to decking my closet with the finest lingerie money could buy.

I've been looking for a new sissy to play dress up with... My boyfriend used to let me put fiery red lipstick on his pouty mouth, accompanied with a pair of my lacey black panties on his cute little ass, but then I made the beautiful mistake of posting a picture of him dressed as my 'pretty little princess' on Facebook. Since I let the cat out of the bag that my man was an even prettier woman, he's been too 'busy' with his guy friends to play with lil' ole me.

So now I'm here. Head Mistress of Phoenix's Charm School (one of the most exclusive feminization schools in existence). And I elect you to be my new muse. With your back arched & lips pursed, I want you to walk a mile in my shoes. My beautiful, five inch stiletto, black leather Christian Louboutins with those classic red bottoms as your guide. I may even put a diamond studded leash to remind you that you're my little bitch.

Afraid you'll trip while wearing my heels? Not to worry; being on your knees is a part of curriculum? Oh you have so much to learn, don't you? Let me lead you? Let me teach you how to put on nylon stockings without tearing them. Let me show you the difference between satin & silk, and how to appreciate their textures on your smooth freshly shaved skin. Let me make you into a better person - a woman.

I'm no longer taking applications, only phone interviews. Are you ready to make that call? I'm waiting.