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Instead of hitting a baseball, you wanted to play with barbies. While all the guys were trying to grow beards, you wanted a pair of pretty nails. You fought it for a while, but when you experienced the feel of satin material against your tucked away pearls, you realized, yes, I want to be a girl.

I know you want to learn on the ways of being a feminine flower. Why not explore the possibilites? Are you afraid to cut your mustache or grow your hair longer? Hmmm, seems you need a stern hand to guide you. Being groomed into a perfect woman will take time though. I want us to talk about what clothes flatter your dainty or well blossomed figure the most. We will also spend hours chatting on the latest fashions, hair products, and omg makeup! I was a makeup artist once, so don't you think it's time to learn how to apply it correctly? Trust me, the right shade of lipstick can do many things sweetie.

There is more to being a woman than hiding sexy lingerie under your clothes. I want you to push your limits, so you become a sexy slice of poised etiquette and class. From the way you cross your legs, the arch you put in your back when walking into a room, selecting a waist trainer to give the perfect barbie shape, the perfume you decide to wear, or picking the right high heels all make a difference. Exciting isn't it?

Girl talk is always fun, as well as satisfying. Trusting me with your deep dark secrets and fantasies will leave you flustered and with a bit of mess to clean up. Giggle

Talk to you soon cupcake.